Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Return of: Twitter Twailbag Twednesday

A few things. I know this was weak compared to past TTT's. But that's ok. I love Storify, and if you want to cheat and read these a day early, they'll be posted there. I'll make sure there will be a few Pip Hits next week.

And as always, if you see a tweet for me, pass it on. Tips are always welcome!

Thanks for reading,
Your favorite lazy blogger,

PS - Blogger and Emoji apparently are not the best of friends. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Unsolicited Advice Saturday: Blogging Part 1: Timing

Yes, I've decided to turn my lack of wisdom and experience in this world into an Advice Column. Do not email me with questions, that would ruin the gag.

Today we'll talk about Blogging. And more specifically timing.

Don't worry about the timing of your blog post. Everything comes back around again. 

Want to write a movie review? Good, do it. Who cares that the movie isn't in Theaters anymore, it will be out on DVD soon enough and the hype machine will give your post the boost you seek.  And even if you are writing a review for Ishtar, just write it! Sooner or later there'll be an annyversarry thing or Warren Beatty will die. Is it a Book? It'll come out in paperback or they'll make a TV show from it. A video game? They'll make a sequel. Write it up and hit submit!

Maybe you think it's a very topical news/science thing? Guess what? That stuff is cyclical too. If a politician said something stupid, I can guarantee they he'll say something stupid again or run for re-election soon enough. Is it a big discovery? They'll either have it debunked in a year or there will be a follow up that's even better. Did Warren Beatty actually die but you waited a month to write about it? Title your post "I still miss Warren Beatty". Write up your piece and hit submit!

Or possibly you are sad because you missed all sorts of cool 4th of July stuff. There will be one next year! Gather up all that cool stuff you see today, tomorrow, and next week. Collect it into a post and schedule it to post July 4th, 2015. You'll look like a damn hero! Do that for every holiday and you'll be making a name for yourself in no time. Write it up, and Queue it up!

I know what you are thinking, "Hey asshole, you haven't posted jack shit in nearly a year!" And yes, that's true. And further I haven't followed half the advice listed here. But that's the point, it's my damn blog and I'll do as wish.  This is solid advice, follow it or not. Same goes to me: This is solid advice that I'd be wise to follow. But you know advice here I did follow? I wrote it up and hit publish.

Thanks for reading,
Your Favorite Advice Columnist,

PS- For example, I have a blog in queue for next July 1st, Canada Day. It contains more extra U's than a person could possibly conceive of.