Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fuck Y'all

No really. Fuck Y'all.

I hate that word with every once of my Yankee blood. The English language has this terrible black-hole when it comes to the plural of the word You. I do understand that the plural is the same as the singular, like it is for Sheep and Deer.  But it does not work. And the work around we've devised, "Y'all" is the worst word ever invented that is not a slur.

So if you are reading this and can help me find or create a much better word that we can use instead of Y'all, I would be your friend forever.

Y'all is not the only terrible aspect of the English language. While we are at it, can we fix the gender neutral problem? Congressperson? Really? I understand the complaint about using the Masculine form of words like that as default. But we need to either use the Feminine form as default, or find MUCH MUCH better words to use as Neutral form for these words. Can we all agree that sticking -Person at the end of words in cumbersome and ineffective? I'd much rather say Chairwoman or Congresswoman as a default rather than say Chairperson or Congressperson.

I beg you, Grammar Nazis, use your powers for good instead of the nitpicking evil that you usually use them for. (Yeah I ended that sentence with a preposition, but look at the bigger issue please!) Focus that energy and passion for the English language to help us make the language a better place for all people that use it.

Thank ALL OF YOU for reading,
you're favorite y'all hating Yankee blogger,

PS- I am serious and would love help with either of these issues.