Monday, March 11, 2013


I've been playing around a bit with Storify. I believe it to be an invaluable archiving tool for Twitter. I love twitter, but it is very NOW. And it's easy to miss things, easy to forget where you found something. It's very hard to do research via twitter to find something you saw a day or two ago.  Storify can be used as a tool to save the "good" stuff or record where you found that link.

That being said, here's an awesome "Songs to get stuck in people's heads" fight I got into on twitter, curated via Storify!


I hope you hit play on every one of those songs. Because man, the pain from one can only be washed away be the pain of the next. :D

Thanks for reading,
Your favorite annoying song guru,

PS- At one point my wife did threaten my life if I did not use headphones. I started using headphone.

PPS- This fight may not be over yet. And astute readers of my blog, know that I have not yet resorted to big guns like Mahna Mahna, the Song that Never Ends, nor Mambo #5. 
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