Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Year's Resolution: 2nd chance

April Fool's Day is quickly approaching and if you know me, then you know that it is a Holy Day of Obligation for me.  But beyond scrapping the idea of poking everyone I'm friends with on Facebook, I realized it can be turned into something very positive.

Some believe that April's Fools day had it's origins as New Year's Day was once celebrated on April 1st. Let's talk about the tradition of New Year's Resolutions. By now, if you made any, you've broken them or abandoned them. So we combine these two ideas and turn April 1st into a Second Chance for our New Year's Resolution.

Stop and think about it. The Gym will be far less crowded. There will be less pressure to diet, yet summer is around the corner so you have motivation. If you want to be better with your money, or spending time with your kids, whatever it is give it another try.

Let's use me as an example: I had a simple resolution to give a shout out to everyone who followed me on twitter. I was using #FF365, and I made it to about Valentine's day. Not bad, but still not what I wanted. In the past I've tried to donate blood 5 times in a year. And I've thought about shooting for 1,000 blog posts (between here, 3SQB, LBI, GeekCubed, and a couple other blog ideas I'm letting my brain work on).

Why don't we give this a try? The rules are simple, just give your New Years Resolution a Second Chance, or start one if you didn't have one. I'll start giving shout outs again, maybe until the end of the year or maybe until I hit 365 people. I gave blood Saturday and I'll count that as 1. If I run a tight schedule, 5 can be very possible by the end of the year (June, August, October, and December).

What resolution are you going to give a second chance too?

Thanks for reading,
your favorite un-quitter,

PS- A quick googling has yielded that this is not the most original idea. With people suggesting Lent, or Chinese New Year as second chance opportunities.  Well those have passed, so I'm going to move forward with April Fool's Day and, as always, you are welcome to play along.
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