Monday, September 10, 2012

Shipping up to Boston

Music Monday: Song to get stuck in your co-worker's head

The Dropkick Murphy's - I'm Shipping up to Boston

What a better song? And what a better time?  This song has just gotten to the point where I no longer have the urge to stab someone when I hear it.  Which is a good thing.  I am big fan of this band, and this song has a legit history that makes it cooler than your realized.  This is the second song the Murphy's have recorded where the made a song from lyrics left over from Woody Guthrie.  The other was Blackout, which is also a really good song.

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PS- The wikipedia page for that song used to be far more interesting. I apologize. It had listed all the college and minor league sports teams that used the song as anthems.  It was a very funny list.