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Amazing Spider-Man Review

One Sentence Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man.

They'll Need a Crane.

Now I'll turn the title to a lie and babble on you a few hundreds words.

I did not have a desire to see this movie. A friend pestered me into it, and I am glad.  It was really good. Not as good as the Nolan Batman films or Avengers. But definitely as good or better than any of the solo movies that led into the Avengers.


Andrew Garfield tried to ruin this movie. He was better when the mask was on, but Peter Parker is not cool, and Andrew Garfield is so Hollywood with that fucking hair (Call Mitt Romney to cut it off!) and that smirking smile. Holy crap I hate this kid. And sadly he'll be everywhere now.  He was a horrible Peter Parker because he looked too cool. Even in glasses he was not a kid who'd EVER get picked on in high school.  


I get the Emma Stone Cult.  Holy crap, that girl is amazing. I'm not crushing on her, I just want her in every movie, because she is that damn cool.  Give credit to the writers and costume designers though. The Gwen Stacey role was written perfectly. She was involved in the plot, and was an important character beyond being love interest. And the costumes were straight from the comic book. If you Loved Gwen in the Comics you will fall in love with Emma Stone. The look was nailed.


The only reason I let myself be talked into this movie was because The Lizard is such a good villain. Smart, with a great "evil plan" based on semi-noble human objectives. He's close to the hero so it's a very personal battle, because Spider-man really likes Doctor Connor (even though they told the story a bit differently) and does not want him hurt or dead. It's that perfect storm of the Hero fighting for his life while holding his punches.  The Lizard was not at all disappointing. He was fast, strong, smart, predatory, and bloodthirsty.  They touched upon the Totem story-line a bit with a Spider vs Lizard top end predator vs top end predator scenario. A very subtle but well executed subplot, with potentially something very special set-up.


So many good little moments that worked within the framework of the movie wonderfully.  The scene with the little kid the car nearly had me crying. It was so good, and so true to the Spider-man comics I loved. And the movie is filled with bits like that, as spoiled by my one sentence, not tear-jerkers, but quality extra moments and they flowed. The supporting cast was excellent as well. I was a touch concerned about Sally Field as Aunt May. But she killed it.  Aunt May is is Peter's backbone, without her he is a shell of hero, and she was that strong matriarch the way the comics portray her.  All the rest of the supporting cast hold up well also.  Captain Stacey, Uncle Ben, and Flash are all the way I want them to be.

Despite Garfield, and despite how soon it's been since Spider-Man 3, The Amazing Spider-Man is worth seeing, today. Like right now.  I was surprised by how good it was, now you won't be.

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