Monday, May 21, 2012

Whoever you are

Once upon time I went on a roadtrip with my friends. My wife (who I was dating at the time) TORTURED our friend with this song.  Several years later all I need to do talk about "that song" without mention it or any lyrics in it to make him curse me out.  This song is awesome, and is the perfect song to annoy people with on roadtrips, at work, or at school.  Blast, sing, or hum it. It is the best! This week's song to get stuck in your co-workers' heads is Whoever you are by Geggy Tah.

And it has a positive message! Thank you stranger, you were nice to me!

Thank you,
Whooooooooever you are,

Monday, May 14, 2012

Music Monday: Fire Burning

This week's song to get stuck in your co-workers' heads is brought to you by a sleep over this weekend. Ever listen to 2 ten year old boys horribly singing the same song for a half hour?  If so then you'd know that you need to have Someone Call 9-11!

For a dumb pop song it's not bad. But considering this weekend, I can live without it for a while.

Go forth and spread the fire on the dancefloor, or meeting room, or where ever.

Thanks for reading,
your favorite shorty fire burning,

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Silly Game Sunday: Logo Quiz

This game, Logo Quiz, is nothing more than a test of how much TV do you watch.  And I love it. It's harder than I thought, and that's even taking into consideration that I  take photos of old car brochures and have seen evidence of car companies many of you have never heard of before.

Now I wasn't going to use this, even though I spent 2 hours playing it last night thanks to my lovely wife. But then one of the tumblr's I follow, also got sucked into the black vortex of pop culture knowledge that is this game. Guess what the theme of his blog is?

So if you can tell what this is, I'd owe you.

Try not to stay up so late that you're a zombie at work tomorrow!

Thanks for reading,
Your Favorite Logo Quiz Wizard,