Sunday, April 29, 2012

Silly Game Sunday: MyBrute

Okay, I have this game addiction.  I cannot stop playing and the game has nothing to it. Nothing. Yet it's design is so adorable I cannot stop playing.  If someone with a clue bought this company they could do evil take over the world make Zynga look like tiny angels things with it.  But as it is, it's split into 3 separate versions of the same game.

The game is My Brute and it has that effective Pokemon combination of super-cute and kick-ass.  The fighters are  awwwww but the beat the crap out of each other gladiator style.  The fights are pure action, but you don't do anything. You pick your opponent and then they fight. If you suck at video games, this one is for you! (I do stink at video games, but love them. Well, I'm pretty good at Angry Birds, and Gauntlet was my bitch, but really, button masher at heart here.)

Old Version:

I am pleasantly surprised that after several years, the game maker being bought out, and the release of a new version, that this version still lives.  Clans, pupils, tournaments, weapons, and pets.  This game is ridiculous!    Play here.

Join my pupils in their training!


You can take advantage of my offer to be your master as follows:
1. Download My Brute from the AppStore. 
2. Start the game and enter your secret code in the master screen.
3. Create your Brute and away you go in the arena.
4. Enjoy the following EXCLUSIVE benefits:
==> Bonus experience points for 3 days
==> Special powers, all the better to crush your opponents with!
==> An exclusive arena for taking on your opponents.

The secret code is:

Will you dare challenge me?

You can have 4 Brutes on the iPhone version, more if you want to pay. Each one gets 5 fights a day, with an annoying 24hr wait period.  So I end up having to miss a day once a week or so.  I like the potions, I like the achievements.  And the music sucks me in.  Good music and good sound effects are key to casual games. KEY! MyBrute has it on all 3 versions, but iPhone is best.

The new version:

This version is most fun, and most pointless. Everybody resets and goes back to level once they win a tournament, so there's no level 3475 jerks who've been playing for years. This method also allows you to find all the goodies easier.  All the different pets, weapons, skills.  You see them more when you are forced to start over.

Here are your Brutes.
  • The-Pip

     Health 72
     Strength 8
     Agility 13
     Speed 5
  • Roksy

     Health 95
     Strength 5
     Agility 9
     Speed 13

Those are my Brutes, you get 2, but more if you want to pay.

So if you like mind-numbingly stupid games that you just can't quit, come play My Brute with me!

Thank for reading,
Your favorite blogger with addictive personality disorder,

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