Monday, April 30, 2012

Meanest Song to get stuck in your Co-workers' heads EVER

I'm an asshole. Close the tab this is in right now.  This is the meanest thing I could do.  We knew it would come to this at some point, as this song is the perfect song to get stuck in the heads of your classmates, family, co-workers, people on the bus.  But it comes at a price.  This is the true test of how big a jerk you are.  Are you willing to do this to yourself, in order to cause pain and suffering in others?  I posted it, so we know I am. Click play only if you got the cajones to do so.

There was a 9 minute version, even I am not that evil.  Maybe you are...

Thanks for reading,
the blog that never just goes on and on my friends,

PS- My boss assures that back in the day Shari Lewis was a very good looking woman back in the day.

PPS- Yeah, I already did this to my co-workers. Go back and read that first sentence again.

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