Monday, March 14, 2011

Pi Day 2011 - The end of Pi Day?

I am usually a big fan of Pi Day.  But my world was rocked this morning when I heard about the anti-Pi movement.  Oh Vi, how could you destroy my pleasant, simple world so swiftly and brutally.  Please watch this heart breaking video for yourself, and do so at your own risk.  For if you love Pi Day you may cry.  But I know that some of you are cynical, and will enjoy the nerd-on-nerd intellectual violence.

Ceci n'est pas une Pi.  :(

Celebrating Tau day would be difficult.  I could have two pies...but it would not be the same.  The Pun dies if we accept this.  Watching a beloved pun die hurts.  But it is an important life lesson, especially concerning being a geek or nerd or math science related at all.  With new information come new conclusions and we must move on as life does.

*sigh*  I cannot and will not let Pi day go. I ate some chocolate cream Pi today on principle.  I have decided to support Tau day, because you cannot have enough Greek letters in your life.

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