Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm not a doctor......

But I got my medical degree from ESPN.  No dead serious.  My boss got injured x-country skiing last week.  He described the symptoms and demonstrated the ability to put pressure on the knee but that he could not flex it.  It was odd to see, but I said, "Oh, you tore your MCL."  Then followed up with my "I got my medical degree from ESPN" joke.  My boss said that the doctor said it was a torn Meniscus.

When the MRI came back, who was right?

I was.  Not the doctor, the wise-ass.

ESPNU I demand my diploma!

Thanks for Reading,
Your favorite I'm not a doctor, I just watch way too much TV, blogger,

PS-  Based upon the the effect that online Poker had on competitive Poker Tournaments and the burgeoning influence the Madden Football game is having on fans reactions to coaching decisions in the NFL, it is really only a matter of time before this joke becomes reality.  Blogs killed journalism, it's killing despotism, and the AMA better watch out they are next!
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