Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blogger and iPhone

Once upon a time a blogger bought an iPhone 3Gs and found out that despite having the most advanced handheld device ever created it could not be used to update his blog. He was sad and dissapointed. So distraught was he that he criticized the iPad for not being a useful tool, and that it was just there to play games and read comic books.

Many months passed and this same blogger noticed that the google app on his iPhone had an update. He clicked the update button and moved on to other things. A day or two later, at the end of an extremely bad day he decided to take a peak at the updated app. He dug around and saw a button for Blogger. He got more curious and saw that he was just taken to the website. Disheartened our blogger decided that Google knows what they are doing so he went to edit a semi-abandonded post. "Oh Hello!" he cried after successfully typing two paragraphs that no one will ever read.

Our blogger had found that his iPhone could now function as a tool from which he could blog!

"I can fucking do this on my phone! I am fucking doing this on my phone!!!" he screamed, scaring his cats and aggravating his wife.

Many of his readers would care not for this fact. But that did not stop our blogger from his self-indulgent quest. He added some random tags and posted (not pelted, stupid auto-correct) his discovery for the world too see.

Thanks for reading,
Your friendly neighborhood iPhone blogger,

PS- He then went and played the new levels of Angry Birds until waaaaay past his bed time. The End
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