Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The Wovel:

Found via this blog's comments.  The comments section can and should be the best part of any article/blog post. And sometimes, if you are on the right site, you get to see that in action.

My idea, after my experiences this winter, is to invent a modular snow shovel.  One with a few different heads.  A plastic head that light weight, a plastic head with the metal weather strip for the chunky stuff plows leave at the end of the driveway, a very wide plastic snow pusher, a metal head for ice storms, a squeegee and a brush for cleaning your car off.  So I would sell you one handle with a bunch of heads.  I'd make a killing!  A KILLING!

Anyway, so the Wovel has inspired my bad idea for the day, the Modular Snow Displacement Kit.

Thanks for reading,
Your friendly neighborhood waited until it had not snowed for a week and we had a day upcoming with predictions for 60 degree weather before posting this blogger,

PS- As always, anyone who wants to steal my idea will be charged a fee, anyone who wants to help me develop my idea will have a pain in the ass business partner.
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