Monday, January 24, 2011

Triscuits and a Dangerous Lesson

The title of this blog is a warning label.  A very serious warning label.  I allow myself to think freely, peaceful in the knowledge that no one takes my madness seriously.  I throw it out like garbage, because it amuses me, entertains me, and it devours me if left to rot in my brain.   This situation, and my own concern for the well being of others makes me worry when people encourage me.  The most dangerous form of encouragement is when people seem to follow the "leadership" of my ideas.  For example:

Earlier today I was talking on twitter with a friend of mine about our mutual love of Triscuits.  The friend commented about how an endorsement deal should be obtained for the sole purpose of getting free Triscuits.  I then tell this friend that they should get a Triscuit Tattoo.  No, not the logo, or the word, but an actual damn Triscuit.

Said friend seemed to like the idea.   Whether or not I have talked someone into getting a Triscuit Tattoo is completely irrelevant.  You see, a fire needs fuel, oxygen and a spark.  My ideas are the spark, this blog is the oxygen, and dammit anyone even hinting that any of this is at all worth following through on is the fuel.  Any encouragement is dangerous and I beg you not to feed my trollish behavior.

A wise man would start a journal and then have a journal bonfire party once a quarter or once a year.  Where I read the journal and burn it page by page.   That is actually a really good idea, but still yields a public airing of my mental dirty laundry.  It would end up on YouTube and we'd be in the same boat we are right now.

See what I mean?  My brain is a perpetual motion machine of Holy Shit.  I fear the consequences of my actions, but I am tired of the rot.  So out it goes, and if this man's trash happens to be someone else's treasure (or triscuit tattoo!) then that really is their problem.

You are responsible for your own actions.  If you take me seriously then I am not responsible (unless it makes you money, then I'm taking my cut).

And god forbid the day comes when I actually develop a following and have minions.  Oh my, that is a frightening day indeed.

Thanks for reading,
your friendly neighborhood lunatic,

PS- Tattoos are forever.  Remember that kids.

PPS- I will admit that having Triscuit Tattoos become the new finger mustache tattoo would actually make incredibly happy.
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