Sunday, January 16, 2011


I have a problem.  My name is Pip, and I am a Tab-aholic.  Right now, between two different browsers in three separate windows I have eighty three tabs open.  I am going to present to you every single link, but before I do let me explain.  This is indefensible, inexcusable, and just plain lazy.  Most of these tabs represent a video I need to watch, an article I need to read, research I need to finish before making a decision, or something I am thinking about writing about.  I know I am not alone in this disease, and frankly I don't want to be cured.  I want to get it under control.    Regardless here they are, with mild editing.  For example, I keep blogger in draft open, instead you'll get linked back to my blog.

open in Rockmelt:
Facebook (Not sending you to my FB page.  If you need to know it, you know it.)

Subversive Cross-Stitch

My friend Chris' Klout page  (He's an anime/mange reviewer)

My friend Tracy's 365 photo project.  (Proof that you can be both a Steelers fan and a cool person. hehehehe )

Tumblr (You'll get sent to geek cubed, because my dashboard is open.)

Herochan's Deadpool tagged posts

Indie Web Camp's Plancast page.  I am still trying to figure out both Indie Web Camp and Plancast.


My Disqus dashboard (you get the profile)

C-3PO Suicides (I keep forgetting this tab is open! I need to check this out to decided if it's worth subscribing.)

Google Search for Type to Learn

Learn 2 Type

Learn 2 Type's typing test

Free Typing Game

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing (Wikipedia page)

Mavis Beacon's website

Google search for Jumpstart Typing

Oversigning (about college football problem of school's signing more players than they have scholarships)

We Make Carpets latest post (unread)


A graphic designer's page that explains Twitter to her Mom.

Daily Drop Cap

Geek Art Gallery

Qbar's Soup (Very similar to Tumblr.  I have yet to fully explore it)

Fox in Sox read super fast - Laughing Squid

*whew*  breathe

Ready for more?

tabs open in Chrome window #1

Google Reader  (You get my shared page, though I don't share much....)

Worth 1000 Celeb time travel photoshop contest (these are always amazing)

Flash Game License's games of the year awards

One True Fan (turns your blog into a facebook-esque game  looks interesting)

SuperPunch's post where I found out about One True Fan A cool project on many levels (btw also from superpunch.  I'm not going through the list but a good portion of this section is from him)

Universal Hub's post about the Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919.  (No really, a 40 ft wall of molasses.  2 million gallons of it traveling at 35 mph.  People died.)

Geekosystem's Top 10 non-super powered super heroes

Audio version 1 of someone comparing Buffy the vampire slayer to facebook marketing

2nd audio version of the same talk.  Different file format, that's all.  (These fall under LAZY)

A story about the new tv show The Cape

Trader Joe's exposed! (not really, but still kind of fun!)

More Trader Joe's Exposed! (if you only click 2 links, do these 2!)

Wikipedia page about weird deleted Wikipedia pages. (Wikipedia is a weird cult, that's open sourced so you get to see it all.)

Bostonography (can you tell, I'm that guy that grew up in the suburbs that wishes he was a townie?)

The Red Seat (again, maybe I have another problem....)

Laughing Squid - Fuck You (Song) in Sign Language (Actually to be used in a blog, mostly written, maybe I'll finish it.)

Track This Now (No idea what this is, I have yet to touch it, but it looks interesting.....)

Cool EPIC web comic (And it's a chapter 1.  wait a year for chapter 2!)

The artists' site from the web comic above.

My Gmail (no link)

The OEDILF forums (The Oxford English Dictionary in Limerick Form)

Superpunch's post about new rules for boring board games

Boring RPG

XKCDinosaur (For a future OMG there's a ton of XKCD spin-off sites post)

Quickish (Sports + Twitter to give breaking news  Very interesting)

An SI article about the BCS

A site showing the top Marginal US Tax Brackets  (pssst...high taxes = a good economy)

Scott Fujita rips the NFL about the labor situation.

Boston's new NAACP chairman talking about Boston's bad rep when it comes to race.

Best sports stats graphic ever

Intermission #2.  Breathe

The 2nd batch of tabs open in Chrome:
Surviving the World an awesome webcomic about a guy and a chalkboard

Reddit post, a video from Neil deGrasse Tyson  about intelligent design. You must watch.

more Reddit the gamers subReddit

An essay from Thomas Paine about Deism  (psst...he wasn't Christian)

Discordian Quotes

Discordian Parables

Snow Pics subReddit (I have an amazing pic to post for valentine's day.  I will share it with you guys then)

Metafilter (if you start your day at this site, you will end the day informed, entertained, and amazed.)

The Volokh Conspiracy.  For very intelligent legal analysis.

The Smiths Project One woman covering every single Smiths song.  Beautiful.

Indie Games Blog

a Metafilter post about banks. (Way above my head and have not read it yet)

Why Does Martha Stewart have a Skull in her Kitchen?

The Noun Project

Hall of Lores One man's journey into the dark whole of avatars.

That man also has his own Webcomic

Blogger in Draft (you get the link to my blog now.)

A list of awesome 80's ads.  (#12 has Giles from Buffy in it!)

The Calendar my friend Jordan made that I never wrote about because I am a bad friend.

Play my 3 words game damnit!

Crazy Streetlamp guy!

We've already had our first Super Bowl ad controversy.  (Cue my lack of pity, and cruel comment about a certain scandal)

Secret Service agents from JFK assassination finally speak.

Namecheck press release

School kids teaching adults about raising the politcal discourse

And that is it.  

Now I ask you to take this and Meme it, if isn't already.
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