Monday, January 3, 2011

OBI (Other's Bad Ideas) You Clicking this link

I will try not to fall upon this gag too often, but today was a day of discoveries.  Sad, scary, frightening discoveries.  So click the following link at your own risk.  It will be your bad idea.


I know you hovered, that's ok.  It's not cheating in this case.  The URL is part of today's discoveries for me, but it won't reveal anything about why you should not click the link.   So hover again and look at that URL.  Look at it.  ANGELFIRE is still around!  But look at how many people are willing to admit they like AngelFire on Facebook!

1,490 people.  Are you kidding me?  Wait it gets even better...

Developed using HTML5 and CSS3.  The site is up to date.  They are spending money on it, which means it's making money!  I nearly added Lycos to my list from yesterday.  But I had no joke to make about Lycos. Fortune smiled upon my renewed efforts at blogging because I got all the Lycos jokes I needed today.

The rest of today's discoveries can wait, because this was just too good to not run with today.

Thanks for reading,
Did you click?

PS- If you are prone to seizures really don't click the link.
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