Saturday, January 1, 2011

Logo Games

Each day this year I want to give you a bad idea.  One of mine, pointing out someone else's or who knows.  Today we start off as most bad ideas start off, being spun-off something else.

When I went and paid $5 for a Horrible Logo I was not expecting something I liked so much.  I also was not expecting something that gave me ideas and would itself be a toy to play with.  Here is my first very poor attempt at as what I see being the revolving future of my logo.

The colors are all off, and the method used caused the blurring because it would not lineup properly in powerpoint.  Yes, because that is where I quickly found the transparent option I needed.  Concept proved, now to tweak methods, and hopefully use something other than powerpoint.  I already have about a half dozen ideas.  I used local sports teams because there logos were easiest to find.  But overall I am super happy, and now that I know it is as easy I wanted it to be, I am motived.  My target is to change it monthly, if my brains runs far enough fast enough, then I'll do it weekly.  But knowing my past history.  I'll change it twice.   Either way, more big thanks to Horrible Logos.  He swore I would get no refund if I liked my logo, so I'm forced to rave about him, as long as you give him something to work with.  My blog's name lent itself to something good coming from him.  From what I've seen other site's and people's names have not been as easy to do.

Thank for reading,
Your crappy amateur picture manipulator,
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