Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Donating Blood

Today I started in on my blood donating for the year.  I have been really bad recently and the last time I donated was August of '09.   Donating blood is not the bad idea.  The bad happened while trying to document the blood donating.  No blood was spilled.  But a nurse did have a near heart attack.  I am very good at giving near heart attacks.  If you know of a way to monetize this, please contact me.  Anyway, I got my phone positioned to get a good shot of my arm.

Not bad.  So I decided I needed a picture of the cool squeezy ball thing they gave me to hold in my the arm that the blood was coming from.  Of course I needed the picture right then.  So I did something bad, and slightly moved my arm.  Cue Nurse having a very justifiable minor meltdown.  Some slight re-taping and things were fine.  Thank god I did not move my arm more than the 1/2" that I did.  Eeek.

You can see why I was fascinated by it.  It's a ball with a finger handle.  Kind of like those old handle bouncy balls I had when I was kid.

So my like for the stupid thing is 100% understandable.  And getting caught up in the picture taking moment was as well.  Nearly stabbing a needle through the other side of my vein would not have been fun, the nurse assured me.

That picture of the cool squeezy ball with the finger handle was today's bad idea.

Thanks for reading,
Try not to cause yourself any bodily injury while trying to do something good,
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