Monday, January 24, 2011

Triscuits and a Dangerous Lesson

The title of this blog is a warning label.  A very serious warning label.  I allow myself to think freely, peaceful in the knowledge that no one takes my madness seriously.  I throw it out like garbage, because it amuses me, entertains me, and it devours me if left to rot in my brain.   This situation, and my own concern for the well being of others makes me worry when people encourage me.  The most dangerous form of encouragement is when people seem to follow the "leadership" of my ideas.  For example:

Earlier today I was talking on twitter with a friend of mine about our mutual love of Triscuits.  The friend commented about how an endorsement deal should be obtained for the sole purpose of getting free Triscuits.  I then tell this friend that they should get a Triscuit Tattoo.  No, not the logo, or the word, but an actual damn Triscuit.

Said friend seemed to like the idea.   Whether or not I have talked someone into getting a Triscuit Tattoo is completely irrelevant.  You see, a fire needs fuel, oxygen and a spark.  My ideas are the spark, this blog is the oxygen, and dammit anyone even hinting that any of this is at all worth following through on is the fuel.  Any encouragement is dangerous and I beg you not to feed my trollish behavior.

A wise man would start a journal and then have a journal bonfire party once a quarter or once a year.  Where I read the journal and burn it page by page.   That is actually a really good idea, but still yields a public airing of my mental dirty laundry.  It would end up on YouTube and we'd be in the same boat we are right now.

See what I mean?  My brain is a perpetual motion machine of Holy Shit.  I fear the consequences of my actions, but I am tired of the rot.  So out it goes, and if this man's trash happens to be someone else's treasure (or triscuit tattoo!) then that really is their problem.

You are responsible for your own actions.  If you take me seriously then I am not responsible (unless it makes you money, then I'm taking my cut).

And god forbid the day comes when I actually develop a following and have minions.  Oh my, that is a frightening day indeed.

Thanks for reading,
your friendly neighborhood lunatic,

PS- Tattoos are forever.  Remember that kids.

PPS- I will admit that having Triscuit Tattoos become the new finger mustache tattoo would actually make incredibly happy.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I have a problem.  My name is Pip, and I am a Tab-aholic.  Right now, between two different browsers in three separate windows I have eighty three tabs open.  I am going to present to you every single link, but before I do let me explain.  This is indefensible, inexcusable, and just plain lazy.  Most of these tabs represent a video I need to watch, an article I need to read, research I need to finish before making a decision, or something I am thinking about writing about.  I know I am not alone in this disease, and frankly I don't want to be cured.  I want to get it under control.    Regardless here they are, with mild editing.  For example, I keep blogger in draft open, instead you'll get linked back to my blog.

open in Rockmelt:
Facebook (Not sending you to my FB page.  If you need to know it, you know it.)

Subversive Cross-Stitch

My friend Chris' Klout page  (He's an anime/mange reviewer)

My friend Tracy's 365 photo project.  (Proof that you can be both a Steelers fan and a cool person. hehehehe )

Tumblr (You'll get sent to geek cubed, because my dashboard is open.)

Herochan's Deadpool tagged posts

Indie Web Camp's Plancast page.  I am still trying to figure out both Indie Web Camp and Plancast.


My Disqus dashboard (you get the profile)

C-3PO Suicides (I keep forgetting this tab is open! I need to check this out to decided if it's worth subscribing.)

Google Search for Type to Learn

Learn 2 Type

Learn 2 Type's typing test

Free Typing Game

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing (Wikipedia page)

Mavis Beacon's website

Google search for Jumpstart Typing

Oversigning (about college football problem of school's signing more players than they have scholarships)

We Make Carpets latest post (unread)


A graphic designer's page that explains Twitter to her Mom.

Daily Drop Cap

Geek Art Gallery

Qbar's Soup (Very similar to Tumblr.  I have yet to fully explore it)

Fox in Sox read super fast - Laughing Squid

*whew*  breathe

Ready for more?

tabs open in Chrome window #1

Google Reader  (You get my shared page, though I don't share much....)

Worth 1000 Celeb time travel photoshop contest (these are always amazing)

Flash Game License's games of the year awards

One True Fan (turns your blog into a facebook-esque game  looks interesting)

SuperPunch's post where I found out about One True Fan A cool project on many levels (btw also from superpunch.  I'm not going through the list but a good portion of this section is from him)

Universal Hub's post about the Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919.  (No really, a 40 ft wall of molasses.  2 million gallons of it traveling at 35 mph.  People died.)

Geekosystem's Top 10 non-super powered super heroes

Audio version 1 of someone comparing Buffy the vampire slayer to facebook marketing

2nd audio version of the same talk.  Different file format, that's all.  (These fall under LAZY)

A story about the new tv show The Cape

Trader Joe's exposed! (not really, but still kind of fun!)

More Trader Joe's Exposed! (if you only click 2 links, do these 2!)

Wikipedia page about weird deleted Wikipedia pages. (Wikipedia is a weird cult, that's open sourced so you get to see it all.)

Bostonography (can you tell, I'm that guy that grew up in the suburbs that wishes he was a townie?)

The Red Seat (again, maybe I have another problem....)

Laughing Squid - Fuck You (Song) in Sign Language (Actually to be used in a blog, mostly written, maybe I'll finish it.)

Track This Now (No idea what this is, I have yet to touch it, but it looks interesting.....)

Cool EPIC web comic (And it's a chapter 1.  wait a year for chapter 2!)

The artists' site from the web comic above.

My Gmail (no link)

The OEDILF forums (The Oxford English Dictionary in Limerick Form)

Superpunch's post about new rules for boring board games

Boring RPG

XKCDinosaur (For a future OMG there's a ton of XKCD spin-off sites post)

Quickish (Sports + Twitter to give breaking news  Very interesting)

An SI article about the BCS

A site showing the top Marginal US Tax Brackets  (pssst...high taxes = a good economy)

Scott Fujita rips the NFL about the labor situation.

Boston's new NAACP chairman talking about Boston's bad rep when it comes to race.

Best sports stats graphic ever

Intermission #2.  Breathe

The 2nd batch of tabs open in Chrome:
Surviving the World an awesome webcomic about a guy and a chalkboard

Reddit post, a video from Neil deGrasse Tyson  about intelligent design. You must watch.

more Reddit the gamers subReddit

An essay from Thomas Paine about Deism  (psst...he wasn't Christian)

Discordian Quotes

Discordian Parables

Snow Pics subReddit (I have an amazing pic to post for valentine's day.  I will share it with you guys then)

Metafilter (if you start your day at this site, you will end the day informed, entertained, and amazed.)

The Volokh Conspiracy.  For very intelligent legal analysis.

The Smiths Project One woman covering every single Smiths song.  Beautiful.

Indie Games Blog

a Metafilter post about banks. (Way above my head and have not read it yet)

Why Does Martha Stewart have a Skull in her Kitchen?

The Noun Project

Hall of Lores One man's journey into the dark whole of avatars.

That man also has his own Webcomic

Blogger in Draft (you get the link to my blog now.)

A list of awesome 80's ads.  (#12 has Giles from Buffy in it!)

The Calendar my friend Jordan made that I never wrote about because I am a bad friend.

Play my 3 words game damnit!

Crazy Streetlamp guy!

We've already had our first Super Bowl ad controversy.  (Cue my lack of pity, and cruel comment about a certain scandal)

Secret Service agents from JFK assassination finally speak.

Namecheck press release

School kids teaching adults about raising the politcal discourse

And that is it.  

Now I ask you to take this and Meme it, if isn't already.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I will admit it, I have a problem.  I am a browser whore.  And not just any browser, I must use the latest shiniest new toy at all times, and I must adopt a superior attitude whenever anyone mentions having a problem with an inferior piece of software.  It started in 1998 when I discovered Opera.  Opera was my first, and as such it holds a special place in my heart.  Since then I have never had less than 3 browsers on my computer.  Quick name me 3 borwsers!  Most of you reading this can, but a quick count currently sees me with 6 browsers on my computer.  IE, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and Rockmelt.  Listed in reverse order of preference at the moment.

Rockmelt is the latest "It" Browser.  Attempting to integrate social media into the browser.  It runs on Chrome's chasis but folds in extensions of it's own.  The advantage to that is like buying an option from a car manufacturer and having them put it in while building you car, compared to buying something after market and doing it yourself.  You can add a sunroof to nearly every car, with after market kits, but there are many good reasons why people don't do it.

Right now Rockmelt is still very very new, and as such is focused on the 2 big guns, Twitter and Facebook.  In fact it uses your Facebook log-in to allow your settings to carry with you from computer to computer.  The downside, is that plenty of people hate Facebook.  I have little doubt that Rockmelt will change and you will be able to choose the service you want to log-in with (myspace, google, yahoo, bing, etc...)

Because of the permanent extensions it is a bit heavier than Chrome, but for someone that uses Twitter and Facebook as much as I do this integration is more than worth the trade.  And the more I use it the more I realize that this format is an ever better fit for lighter users of facebook and twitter.  People who check either/both occasionally will have it there as a convenience, while someone like me has facebook open, so a sidebar update can be redundant.

It is not yet my sole browser, as Chrome had been since it came out, and Firefox before it.  Nor have I given up on Tweetdeck or Google Reader.  Although I can potentially see all three things happening if Rockmelt updates and adds the right features.  For people who are not as hooked on Google Reader as I am, the app sidebar is perfect.  If you have 5 sites you reload daily, stick them on the side and watch how easy it makes it to keep track of them.

And for those who like Facebook, or are at least pleasantly ambivalent about it, the integration within the browser is amazing.  Chat, updates, basically everything but games/apps are right there.

Sharing is the best part, and has the most room to grow.  You can send link's via Twitter and Facebook DM. No email yet, but they will figure out that email is not dead.

Twitter integration is nice and honestly, all that's missing is Tweetdeck's ability to RT in the old style.

For the type of user I am, it is great.  For the way I think most people use the internet, Rockmelt is a must have.

I have a few invites to hand out for those interested.  This one is a keeper.

Thanks for reading,
your hopeless browser whore,

PS - coda for more information.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

3 words

Ok, so this 3 words thing is the new hot thing.  I'll bite, because I got nothing else inspiring me today. I skipped 4square and formspring, but for some reason I like this one.  It's weak, but we're going with it.  And to make up for it, look for the return of Top Ten Friday Night later this week.

Hopefully you guys can be creative and give me some legit post worthy stuff.  Make it believable!

Thanks for reading,

PS - I'm not sure which result would be worse, tons of BS fake answers aimed to mock me, or getting no answers...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Donating Blood

Today I started in on my blood donating for the year.  I have been really bad recently and the last time I donated was August of '09.   Donating blood is not the bad idea.  The bad happened while trying to document the blood donating.  No blood was spilled.  But a nurse did have a near heart attack.  I am very good at giving near heart attacks.  If you know of a way to monetize this, please contact me.  Anyway, I got my phone positioned to get a good shot of my arm.

Not bad.  So I decided I needed a picture of the cool squeezy ball thing they gave me to hold in my the arm that the blood was coming from.  Of course I needed the picture right then.  So I did something bad, and slightly moved my arm.  Cue Nurse having a very justifiable minor meltdown.  Some slight re-taping and things were fine.  Thank god I did not move my arm more than the 1/2" that I did.  Eeek.

You can see why I was fascinated by it.  It's a ball with a finger handle.  Kind of like those old handle bouncy balls I had when I was kid.

So my like for the stupid thing is 100% understandable.  And getting caught up in the picture taking moment was as well.  Nearly stabbing a needle through the other side of my vein would not have been fun, the nurse assured me.

That picture of the cool squeezy ball with the finger handle was today's bad idea.

Thanks for reading,
Try not to cause yourself any bodily injury while trying to do something good,

Monday, January 3, 2011

OBI (Other's Bad Ideas) You Clicking this link

I will try not to fall upon this gag too often, but today was a day of discoveries.  Sad, scary, frightening discoveries.  So click the following link at your own risk.  It will be your bad idea.


I know you hovered, that's ok.  It's not cheating in this case.  The URL is part of today's discoveries for me, but it won't reveal anything about why you should not click the link.   So hover again and look at that URL.  Look at it.  ANGELFIRE is still around!  But look at how many people are willing to admit they like AngelFire on Facebook!

1,490 people.  Are you kidding me?  Wait it gets even better...

Developed using HTML5 and CSS3.  The site is up to date.  They are spending money on it, which means it's making money!  I nearly added Lycos to my list from yesterday.  But I had no joke to make about Lycos. Fortune smiled upon my renewed efforts at blogging because I got all the Lycos jokes I needed today.

The rest of today's discoveries can wait, because this was just too good to not run with today.

Thanks for reading,
Did you click?

PS- If you are prone to seizures really don't click the link.

Let's Get Physical (stuck in your head)

We start 2011 off by saying goodbye to retro-80's with one of the most classic/cliche songs from the decade.

Good luck getting this song out of your head.  Remember the goal is to get this song stuck in the heads of your friends, family, and co-workers, and anyone else you see on a regular basis.  To do this, you need to sing or hum it to yourself constantly.  You must be the carrier of this audio disease.  It is a worthwhile sacrifice, when it works.  

Thanks for being my willing plague carrier,

PS- I do encourage you to share your results in the comments.  Disqus is a fun little service, it's worth signing up for.  

Sunday, January 2, 2011


So each year I give in and allow myself to post a top ten list on my blog.  I could succumb to this temptation daily, it is a constant fight.  So once a year it is like a purging or an anti-resolution.

This year, the Top Ten Companies that should buy Yahoo! I personally think Yahoo! still has value.  Flickr can be salvaged, their sports department as far as reporting go is good, and they are still the best at Fantasy Sports.  Nevermind that they still have their finger in a million pies.  One Login, several sites is the future and Yahoo! is there.

10) AAA
Yes, the autoclub.  Think about it.  AAA is a company that is trying to do everything, is way past it's prime, and has a lowsy web presence.  Yahoo! brings together the synergy of "What the hell are we?" of these two companies.  AAA is to car towing as Yahoo is to search.  You only use it if you suck and have no other options, or if it is grossly convenient.

9) Radio Shack
Again we get the weird synergy.  This time it's "How the hell are we still in business?"  Definitely related but different.  This would allow Yahoo! to finally get in on that Bricks-n-Clicks thing all the kids were raving about 5 years ago.  Five years ago really is Yahoo!'s mission statement, if they have one.  Radio Shack's is very similar.

8) MySpace
Dude, have you seen their new logo?  Or their beta? Sweeeeeeet!  This deal would work because again 5 years + 5 years ago = Retro Cool.  I only partially being sarcastic.  Yahoo! could never beat Google, and MySpace could never beat Facebook, so why not merge and together become the ultimate underdog, the ultimate 2nd place.  If the Buffalo Bills and the Minnesota Vikings merged, they would win a Super Bowl, I promise!

7) MetaFilter
This is the Darkhorse of the bunch.  Think about what the combined intelligence, creativity and passion of the MetaFilter community could do with Yahoo!?  And NO, I did not put them on the list in hopes for a cheap link.  How dare you think so little of me.  You make it seem as if I put the exclamation point at the end of the brand's name every single time I used it as an SEO gag.  Never.  I am above that.  MetaFilter would make magnificent owners of Yahoo!  They'd open-source that bitch and make trillions.  They would be truly not Evil and be the counter to Google that we need.

6) Etsy
Look Yahoo! was a poorly crafted pyramid scheme, so why not put it in the hands of real crafts people who may actually be able to turn it into something decent.  Again, the key is creativity and passion.  The Etsy community has both to spare.  And they could raise the money with zero leveraging or zero games, they would be able to sell earrings and beer cozies to raise the funds.

5) Ebay
They are already an evil and vile company so why not go after Google and buy Yahoo!  This would be the best pr move ever for Google, but at the same time a scary one.  Ebay would actually be a good home for Yahoo! with their ability to make money they could do some interesting things with what's left of the former giant.

4) Amazon
This idea combines the worst of all possible ideas.  A company that doesn't know how to make money buying a company that doesn't know how to make money.  A Pyramid scheme swalling a pyramid scheme.  The synergies of "What the hell are we?" and "How the hell are we still in business?" and on top of that they are evil and want to take over the world.  To do that you have to beat Google.  This merger is just crazy enough to actually happen.

3) Baidu
If China wants to get into the American market, is there a better way to go?  Yahoo!, has all a foreign company needs to break into America.  All it needs is a decent brain behind it to turn it around.  I have no doubt that China's leading search engine has that brain.

2) Microsoft
Not letting this happen was the single worst decision Yahoo!, any stock holder, or anyone affiliated with Yahoo! ever made.  I would not be surprised if Microsoft made another run at this.

1) Google
Duh!  Sadly this is inevitable if there are no other options and Yahoo! continues to sell itself off piece by piece.  The last, biggest, and least valuable chunk will end up at Google.  No regulator will stop it because no one else wanted the disease ridden hunk of code and login data.

If any of these happen I will demand a 1% cut.  I am dead serious.

Thanks for reading,
You friendly neighborhood MetaFilter lurker,

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Logo Games

Each day this year I want to give you a bad idea.  One of mine, pointing out someone else's or who knows.  Today we start off as most bad ideas start off, being spun-off something else.

When I went and paid $5 for a Horrible Logo I was not expecting something I liked so much.  I also was not expecting something that gave me ideas and would itself be a toy to play with.  Here is my first very poor attempt at as what I see being the revolving future of my logo.

The colors are all off, and the method used caused the blurring because it would not lineup properly in powerpoint.  Yes, because that is where I quickly found the transparent option I needed.  Concept proved, now to tweak methods, and hopefully use something other than powerpoint.  I already have about a half dozen ideas.  I used local sports teams because there logos were easiest to find.  But overall I am super happy, and now that I know it is as easy I wanted it to be, I am motived.  My target is to change it monthly, if my brains runs far enough fast enough, then I'll do it weekly.  But knowing my past history.  I'll change it twice.   Either way, more big thanks to Horrible Logos.  He swore I would get no refund if I liked my logo, so I'm forced to rave about him, as long as you give him something to work with.  My blog's name lent itself to something good coming from him.  From what I've seen other site's and people's names have not been as easy to do.

Thank for reading,
Your crappy amateur picture manipulator,