Thursday, October 21, 2010

Year Round Fresh Apple Cider

I am fortunate enough to live in an area where fresh (and not pasteurized) apple cider is readily available for a good quarter of the year.  When my wife was living in Maui while we were dating, I found out something awesome about fresh apple cider.  I was talking about my long-distance girlfriend's love of apple cider with someone at my local orchard, Honey Pot Hill, and they shared an amazing piece of information with me.  It can be frozen for up to a year and still be good.  I already had a trip to Maui planned for February, so I bought 2 Half Gallon Bottles and froze them.  I put them in my checked bag when I flew out, thinking that they would be fully defrosted by the time I landed.  I did not factor in the unpressurized luggage compartment on the plane, so the cider did not defrost at all.  This included not just the 12 hours flying but the extra 4 hours I got stuck in LA as well.  It did not matter, the look on my woman's face was worth it.  She was not aware cider could be frozen, and was extremely happy to be having real cider.

So to freeze apple cider the most important to remember is to use the old school half gallon container, as seen below.

The Gallon ones do not have the seam strength to handle the expansion of the cider.  Also place it vertically while freezing to keep the lid from popping off.

After a quick Google some people repackage the cider before freezing, but I am far too lazy for that.   And for those who are not aware there is a huge difference between fresh cider and pasteurized cider.  Pasteurizing cider is a crime.

So if you do not live in apple country, and know someone who does, have them do this for you.  It will be a life changing experience.

and you are welcome,
Your ever cider-loving blue-eyed blogger,
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