Monday, October 18, 2010

Universal Heartbeat

I am going to be nice this week and at the same time take a risk.  This week's song to get stuck in your coworker's / classmates' heads is a song you may not have heard before.  But it is one of my favorites, it's true as hell, and it will be stuck in my head as a result of this.

Juliana Hatfield - Universal Heartbeat

Juliana Hatfield - Universal Heartbeat
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Sing it with me kids: "A heaaaaaart, a heart the hurts is a heaaaaaart, a heart that works."  And repeat.

Your favorite pushing his own musical tastes down your throat blogger,

PS- Butthead you are correct, she is hot.  I never knew you were part of the IBTC fanclub.  (I will not post it, you can find yourself.)
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