Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kay Bee Tuesday

We changed up responsibilities at work and I took over the deposit.  I am glad I did because in my previous professional life as a retail manager I was counting deposits on a near daily basis.  After a quick reminder that you actually have to count the money, I blew threw my task and was reminded of the story time segment I wanted to start here.

My last Green Friday that I worked at KB Toys, back in 2002, I counted the deposit.  We split it in two, but combined, all counted by me, totaled more than my year's salary at the time.  That was just the cash.    

Yes at KB the day after Thanksgiving was called Green Friday, a term I can't shake.  We'd do three weeks worth of sales on that day.  For us it was the Super Bowl.  Two months of prep, and the real beginning of sacrificing time with friends and family for a stupid job for a company that was horribly run.  Good times.

Next week I will tell you the tale of the Christmas Bunnies.
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