Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kay Bee Tuesday: Christmas Bunnies

During one Easter season we got tons of large stuffed animals of the springtime/easter variety: Bunnies, Ducks, etc.  KB tried every easter to turn Easter into a mini christmas, and it nearly always failed.  This year fell right into that pattern.  We got stuck with a ton of these stuffed animals.  We loaded them into clear 100 gallon trash bags and shoved them in the empty space above our office.  (I will explain the crazy ways the backrooms were set-up in a future post.)

Christmas rolled around and it was a good one.  We were halfway through December and running out of everything.  It was then that these Large Stuffed Bunnies were visable again above the office.  We decided what the hell, let's put them on the floor and see!  They flew.  We could not believe how fast they sold.  5 of these 100 gallon trash bags full of them and we could not keep them on the sales floor.

The moral of the story: People are bat-shit crazy and will buy ANYTHING during the holiday season.

Thanks for reading,
Your favorite former retail manager,

PS - If KB were still open and I were still working there I would probably be stuffing the hell out of my overstock shelves with board games right now.

PPS- This is one of my favorite xmas stories from KB, and one of the few my wife is not sick of hearing.
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