Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Game of Thrones

Most of you know by now, that I am developing a severe dislike of movies.  It is such a played out and horribly done medium of entertainment that I am nearly done with it.  It does not help that Americans are programmed to be obsessed with movies, when 99% of them suck, and suck horribly.  There is no originality left in Hollywood.  I do understand that there is nothing new under the sun, but come on at least try to be a little creative.  When there is more creativity being put into Doritos flavors than into movies, we have a serious problem as a society.

The thing that has really killed it for me, are the horrible Novel and Comic Book adaptations.  I'm looking at you Harry Potter.  Weasly is our King.  'Nuff said.  Movies are a very compact medium.  They are short stories, they are knock knock jokes, they are midgets, 30 second commercials.  That is what they are.  But people, fans and movie makers themselves, seem to forget this.  So everyone reaches for the grand epic tale.  Grand Epic tales do not fit into a 2-3hr time frame.  It is just physically impossible.  This is why time and again the best movies come from short stories.

However, I too like visuals, and do want to see printed words translated into something more tangible.  And there is a way to do this: The TV Mini-series.  Roots.  N'uff Said.  And someone at HBO, the people that seemingly can do nothing wrong, and who have already saved the Mini-Series, Band of Brothers, have realized that they can do more than just save it.  They can bring it back to a place of prominence.  And I bring to to you the trailer for A Game of Thrones:

I am so thankful for this, and I have never read one of these books.  But this is how most Novels and Comic Books should be done.  And hopefully HBO will set the world straight and the broadcast networks will copy this.


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PS - Death to Movies!
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