Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have yet to install it properly, but I like it.  And for $5, I am greatly impressed.  I'll need to play and adjust and fix, but for now, it's slapped up and appropriate.

Horrible Logos

It only took like 3 days, and at five bucks a pop, this guy may actually be supporting himself on this.  Or getting Frat-boy drunk every single weekend.

I found the site from SuperPunch (you had a coinflip guess...) and it's the first money I've ever spent on this blog.   I am very happy because it's fitting and there are many ways to play with it.

Thanks for feeding my madness,
Yer Ol' Pal,

PS- Google, why do you insist on underlining my links?  I think it' reeks of 1999.
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