Monday, September 27, 2010

Banana Splits

So it appears that I have not fully explained how this works.

This song is a song in which you play right now.  It gets stuck in your head.  You then take this song that is stuck in your head to school/work/wherever and you hum it, sing, mangle it, whatever, until you get it stuck in as many co-workers heads as possible.  This is the mental flu in sonic form.  Get yourself sick, make yourself suffer a little, and then make as many people around sick, or make them suffer as much as possible.  I do understand that doing this with a song you like is easier, doing it with a song you hate is far more effective.  Given the situation, we have to keep things in the former this week rather than the latter.

This song should be E - A - S -Y!

This song is of course the theme song to The Banana Splits TV Show.

Your suffering is my joy, spread them both.

Your favorite masochistic blogger,

PS- I could not skip The Dickies.

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