Monday, September 27, 2010

Banana Splits

So it appears that I have not fully explained how this works.

This song is a song in which you play right now.  It gets stuck in your head.  You then take this song that is stuck in your head to school/work/wherever and you hum it, sing, mangle it, whatever, until you get it stuck in as many co-workers heads as possible.  This is the mental flu in sonic form.  Get yourself sick, make yourself suffer a little, and then make as many people around sick, or make them suffer as much as possible.  I do understand that doing this with a song you like is easier, doing it with a song you hate is far more effective.  Given the situation, we have to keep things in the former this week rather than the latter.

This song should be E - A - S -Y!

This song is of course the theme song to The Banana Splits TV Show.

Your suffering is my joy, spread them both.

Your favorite masochistic blogger,

PS- I could not skip The Dickies.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have yet to install it properly, but I like it.  And for $5, I am greatly impressed.  I'll need to play and adjust and fix, but for now, it's slapped up and appropriate.

Horrible Logos

It only took like 3 days, and at five bucks a pop, this guy may actually be supporting himself on this.  Or getting Frat-boy drunk every single weekend.

I found the site from SuperPunch (you had a coinflip guess...) and it's the first money I've ever spent on this blog.   I am very happy because it's fitting and there are many ways to play with it.

Thanks for feeding my madness,
Yer Ol' Pal,

PS- Google, why do you insist on underlining my links?  I think it' reeks of 1999.

Monday, September 20, 2010

We Built This City

A throw back this week to the 80's for the song to get stuck in your co-workers' heads.  And if you are over 30 you will sing along without any desire to do so.

We Built This City - Starship

If there is a band that symbolizes the excess cheese of the 80's, this is it.  This band is also what happens when musicians who are drug users, stop using drugs.  You are better off dead than cleaning up.  Of course, not using drugs to be creative in the first place is the best path.  But if you gotta high to be a star, then you are better off dead.   I'm looking at you Mr. New American Idol Judge, Steve Tyler.  I am also thankful Kurt Cobain and Bradley Noel passed away.  Oh the crap both of them would be dealing out now would make you cry.

Thanks for torturing yourself and others,
Your favorite blogger,

PS- I just previewed this post to edit it and sincerely apologize for the screen cap YouTube choose for this video, it is quite frightening.  If you have kids I offer my deepest regrets.  No, I'm not switching to a different clip.