Monday, July 19, 2010

Wedding Ring

Here is my wedding ring.

Not only do I love it, and my Wife loves it, but I get complimented on it at lest once a week.  The ring is made out of Tungsten Carbide, which gives it that dark chrome feel to it.  One of the things I like, is that when a customer at work comments on, they often know what it is made of.  I work for an industrial supply wholesaler, so my customers are typically the blue collar type.  That makes it better, because they aren't used to commenting upon jewelry, never mind another guy's jewelry. 

It is much heavier than a typical wedding band, and I like that.  It was also a last minute desperation driven purchase made on a limited budget.  This adds to the emotionl value for me because it feels nice ending up stuck with something that you really like.  Something you did not spend much money on, and something that gets noticed.

With the job I have, my ring gets dirty and banged around quite a bit, so the pragmatic value is also very high.

My wife has looked around for replacement rings made of Tungsten, but with the Irish Wedding Band engravings.  Our original plan was matching Irish Wedding bands in Platinum.    She's found some good candidates, more than we found in platinum!  But I am not sure if I want to replace my ring.  I love it and it has a great story to it.  But I am married so if she really wants it replaced she will win eventually.  It may just take a decade or two.

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