Monday, July 5, 2010

Ruby Soho

I am going to be nice again, and by that I mean I'm shoving one of my favorite bands down your throat.  And no we aren't at the Pixies yet.  This weeks song to get stuck in your co-workers head is Rancid's Ruby Soho.

True story: I went some co-workers to see Rancid in 2002.  I was working at the mall so the co-workers in question were 2 wise ass college freshman that thought Rancid was a one hit wonder.  The one hit being Ruby Soho.

Rancid was/is/ALWAYS WILL BE one of my favorite bands and had been since '94.  Outside the show was this guy in his 50's wearing a Rancid hoodie.  He was obviously just some old guy who did odd jobs for the club, who was given  hoodie because he said he was cold.  The 2 co-workers looked at him and said, "Hey look, there's Pip in 30 years!"  They were mocking me, but it felt like a compliment.

Rancid did not play Ruby Soho that night, so the joke was on them.

Thanks for reading,
Your everlovin' blue eyed

PS- Destination unknown, Ruby Ruby Ruby-Ruby Soho!

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