Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mahna Mahna

This week's song to get stuck in your co-worker's heads is a personal favorite, but I warn you, I am not being nice, at all.  In fact even Dick Chenney would clasify the use of this song while interrogating terrorists, as torture and a violation of the Geneva Convention.

Mahna Mahna:


Did you know this song has it's own Wikipedia page?  Really.  Apparently it's one of those nonsese wordless sung songs like the Russian Rickroll.

There is a story to this for me as well.  While working overnights during my first Christmas at KBToys back in '98, this song saved my life.  We were at the shift change.  Me and the the two guys I worked with were at work, but the clsoing crew had not finished yet so there were a good 10-12 people in the store working.  The manager was done coutning the money so I was free to go into the office to plug my CD player into the stores sound system so that we could play obnoxious music at loud volumes so the security guards at the other end of the mall knew we were there, and so the Mall Walkers would be too scared to show up before 6 am.  Someone came up with a great idea of locking me in the office by piling up full boxes of merch in front of the door.  This worked great because there was just enough room in the stockroom to open the office door.  The boxes were wedged from door to opposite wall with ease.  I was not getting out until I was let out.  I got bored and decided I wanted out.  So I pulled out my loudest most obnoxious cd, This Is Boston, Not LA! and turned the volume on my cd player and the store's sound system all the way up.  Three to four soungs in and I knew this wasn't working.  I changed tactics, drastically, and put in my Muppets cd.  I found the most annoying song on there, Manamana and I was freed 45 seconds into the song.  No one that christmas at that KB worked harder or faster at any task, than did the two people who let me out of the office. 

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