Monday, June 28, 2010

Saw Red

This week I have decided to be kind, or at least as kind as person can be with a project designed to get songs stuck into people's heads.  I will pick a song I love.  LOVE  I'll be even nicer by giving you music first and then story time.

So way back in 1998.  My amazingly awesome/creative friend Jess made a mix-tape for me.  An actual tape.  It was epic in its greatness.  There was not a song on there that I did not like.  Not one.  Or least now, 12 years later, I will swear I liked every song on there.  It was a tape and skipping songs was a pain in the ass so I listened to them all.

On this tape, loaded with good music, was a song by Sublime that I had never heard before.  One that had Gwen Stefani helping out on vocals. The song above, Saw Red.  I fell in love with this song instantly.  And it's short, fast, and kicks ass.  The few lyrics, or chorus, get stuck in my head.  And it's a scenario many understand, "Everyday I love her just a little bit more, but she loves me the same."

The song makes it here, because of a completely different, but equally as awesome/creative woman.  All I needed to sing that song to myself all day was just seeing her mention it.

Be warned, I will not always be nice.  And a box of worms has been opened that will lead to you being bombarded by The Pixies at some point.

Thanks for reading,
Yer Ol' Pal,

PS- If the cousin that called me weird on facebook actually clicks the link and reads this, then she will see that, indeed, had no idea how far off I am.  *Waves*  I did not name names, I'm being nice.

story time
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