Monday, June 7, 2010

Music Monday: Macarena

This week's song to get stuck in your co-workers' heads is the Macarena.  There is good reson for this!   But first the video.

Whenever the World Cup comes around, fore me, this song comes with it.  Now I am a rare, SMART, American that likes Soccer and I get as into the World Cup as my Brazillian neighbors do.  (I live in little Brazil and I could not really ask for better immigrant neighbors.)  In 1994 the World Cup came to America and I went to a couple of the games at the New England Patriots home stadium in Foxborough Mass.  It was there that I was introduced to the song and the dance, a full 6-12 months before the song blew up in America.  I watched this guy

do the dance.  I can't find a picture, but it was a costumed mascot version of Striker doing the dance. 

So with the World Cup starting up on friday, you should get in the mood by sharing the Macarena with those co-workers you love, or hate.

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