Monday, May 24, 2010

Music Monday: New Mission

We are changing the way we do Music Monday.  From now on, there may or may not be songs I like here.  There will however be an opportunity to make your day better, by making someone else's days worse.  The new mission for Music Monday is to see in how many people's heads you can get the song of the week stuck.

We start with the one I accidentally got stuck in my co-workers head last week:

Story:  So my co-worker was looking for something, and the conversation followed...

Coworker asked: Have you seen repair kit #4?
I replied: Is that like Mambo #5?

Game over, Pip wins.  Except it was not intentional.  the song I was trying to get stuck in my co-worker's head did not get stuck there.  I will accept my consolation prize as a victory.

Your favorite blogger,
and the only one working to make your Monday's better!
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