Monday, May 10, 2010

Music Monday - Ear Bleeding Country, Covered

For those that did not understand the vague title, this week we have nothing but covers of Dinosaur Jr songs.  They are my favorite band.  And from my search for this post I found a ton of people doing the playing along thing, which needs to be banned from youtube because it's obnoxious and no one cares.  Not too many real band covers and nothing amazingly unique.

We'll start with this cool chick's acoustic version of Drawerings.

Pillow Man - The Lung

I have no idea who this guy is, but he does a really good version of Forget the Swan.

DJ Harrie - Forget the Swan

Kracked starts at 2:40

amoebaZ - The Lung/Kracked

Blink 182 covered Freak Scene on their demo, not bad either.

Blink 192 - Freak Scene

Life is made easy when you find a cover of Artist You Love A of a song by Band You Love B

Juliana Hatfield covering Dinosaur Jr  means there is still hope for the world.

Juliana Hatfield - Raisins

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