Monday, May 31, 2010

Music Monday - Evolve

This week's song to get stuck in your co-worker's head is that annoying song from the new Gatorade ad:

"But Pip," you say, "Is there a full version of the song I can use?"

Why yes, yes there is.

And until I heard the full version I though the lyrics were:

If you want a Revolution
The only solution
Is leave home

But really they are saying


Go forth and annoy,
Yer Ole Pal,

PS- Don't worry if you have today off, you can do this on tuesday.

PPS- For extra effect sing the bass part while bopping your head left and right.

*Bum* *Bum* *Bum* *Bum*

Monday, May 24, 2010

Music Monday: New Mission

We are changing the way we do Music Monday.  From now on, there may or may not be songs I like here.  There will however be an opportunity to make your day better, by making someone else's days worse.  The new mission for Music Monday is to see in how many people's heads you can get the song of the week stuck.

We start with the one I accidentally got stuck in my co-workers head last week:

Story:  So my co-worker was looking for something, and the conversation followed...

Coworker asked: Have you seen repair kit #4?
I replied: Is that like Mambo #5?

Game over, Pip wins.  Except it was not intentional.  the song I was trying to get stuck in my co-worker's head did not get stuck there.  I will accept my consolation prize as a victory.

Your favorite blogger,
and the only one working to make your Monday's better!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bronte Sisters Power Dolls

Have you seen the Literary T-Shirts that have been all over the web the last few weeks?  If not where have you been?  They popped up in my Google Reader 3 times in the last week alone.  Anyway, for the lame, here's a quick catch-up.

Now, those are great and the people behind them are awesome.  But the Internet is not just about t-shirts, it's a giant game of Oneupmanship.   So how can those shirts be topped?

Bronte Sisters Power Dolls.  The other truths about the internet on display are:

1) Any joke product will make people want it to be real.  No matter how dumb or silly.
2) There is no limit on how far a geek will take something.

What I really want to know is, can we get a Mark Twain action figure to act as a sarcastic Bosworth to their 19th century Charlie's Angels?  Or am I the only one who can see that working as a cartoon?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Music Monday - Ear Bleeding Country, Covered

For those that did not understand the vague title, this week we have nothing but covers of Dinosaur Jr songs.  They are my favorite band.  And from my search for this post I found a ton of people doing the playing along thing, which needs to be banned from youtube because it's obnoxious and no one cares.  Not too many real band covers and nothing amazingly unique.

We'll start with this cool chick's acoustic version of Drawerings.

Pillow Man - The Lung

I have no idea who this guy is, but he does a really good version of Forget the Swan.

DJ Harrie - Forget the Swan

Kracked starts at 2:40

amoebaZ - The Lung/Kracked

Blink 182 covered Freak Scene on their demo, not bad either.

Blink 192 - Freak Scene

Life is made easy when you find a cover of Artist You Love A of a song by Band You Love B

Juliana Hatfield covering Dinosaur Jr  means there is still hope for the world.

Juliana Hatfield - Raisins

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The WTF!

Good: Hank Azaria will be playing Gargamel

Bad: in the upcoming live action/computer animated Smurfs movie.

WTF: It's a planned trilogy.

The Mayans were right, we're dead come 2012.

From Wikipedia:

Sony Pictures has announced plans to begin a trilogy of live-action/computer-generated Smurf films, the first to be released in 2011. The project had been in various stages of development since 2003.[20] In June 2008, it was announced that Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation have acquired film rights from Lafig Belgium. Current plans have Jordan Kernerproducing with Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third screenwriters J. David Stem and David N. Weiss in negotiations to write.[21][22]. The film is due to star Jonathan Winters as Papa Smurf, Katy Perry as Smurfette, George Lopez as Grouchy Smurf, Kevin James as Hefty Smurf and Alan Cumming as Gutsy Smurf. It was suggested that Quentin Tarantino would play Brainy Smurf, but this "didn't work out".[23]



Really, I have no reaction.  I cannot even bring myself to speak in Smurf.

My Apologies,
Your Ole Pal,