Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things - A test post

Re-thinking and re-planning so as I play around with formats and gags deal with these few things from today.

Crazy Co-worker song of the day:
Everyday my crazy co-worker has a song stuck in his head, and he takes to hear the lessons from Sesame Street by sharing the song with us, all day.  Today, it was the Macarena, and yes, I too follow what I was taught in Sesame Street.   I am nice because I give you the Animaniacs.

Speaking of nice, not-nice is sharing with you the Epic Time Suck that is The Most Awesome Thing Ever.  Please come back and finish reading my blog in an hour or 20.  Coda

There is a guy named Randy, and he is full of hate.  This wasn't actually from today, but I had to sit on it to make sure he got past the cliches.  He has and it's gotten good.

I have found the saddest and scariest Facebook group.  Armed Forces Tea Party.  Honestly guys, are you ok with balancing the budget by cutting the military budget in half?  Are you upset that Obama stopped lying about how much the wars were costing?  Where is the outrage over how much in Taxes Exxon paid this year?  (NONE!)

Sleep Taking Man is a blog by a woman who records her husband talking in his sleep.  Funniest thing you will read all day.  I promise.  Coda

Lastly, Geek Cubed.

And yes, the Top Ten Friday Night will be happening tomorrow.
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