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One Sentence Movie Review: Kick-Ass

Best movie death scene ever.

Like that one?  If you've seen the movie you are in "Right On!" mode, and if you haven't seen the movie, you are intrigued.  I am getting the hang of this blogging thing.  Now for lots of words.  Remember, if you want this to actually be a One Sentence Movie Review, it is up to you to exercise some restraint and stop reading.  Blogging blasphemy #1, telling readers to go away.  But there it is.  Don't criticize me for being a hypocrite and a liar when it's your fault you are still reading.  I put it in bold, and told you to stop.  Beyond that, I am no longer liable for reading addiction.

I have not read the comic, so I cannot compare the two.  I can say that the movie stands on it's own merits and works.  And those that have read the comic are split, some like one more, others like the other more.  But the fact is the core of the comic remains in tact.  If you like one, you will like the other.  Neither takes away from the other.

This is possibly the most violent mainstream American Movie ever.  Although the body count and blood count, in pints, is higher in Kill Bill, this movie was more violent.    Basically Hit Girl is the Bride's daughter raised on the most violent video games.   I will also argue the end battle with Hit Girl vs Everyone is the best one person assault on a heavily guarded Assassination Target ever.  Better than the first scene in X-men 2, which is still an amazing scene and a display of how to properly use computer effects.

I was expecting violence and kids using obscene language, and at one point my jaw hit the floor in shock.  I doubt you can be prepared for how far this movie goes.  I am not bothered by it, but am greatly concerned with the cheap clones that will follow, and that the line has been moved.  Hearing one little girl girl say the word cock casually is enough for me thank you.  Hollywood does not understand the word enough though.  So this door has been opened, and Kick Ass is solely to be blamed.

Over at Nerdcore, Rene talked about how the movie lacked a depth in characterization that the comic book had.  The Hit Girl cried at the end and asked for a hug, like a little girl, or any child that age, would.  I don't blame the movie for this, it's part of the what makes movies what they are.  They are limited, there is only so much time, and not every movie can be a three and a half hour epic.   Normally this is where I'd insert my rant about how weak and flawed movies are, and how our obsession with them limits and hurts American culture, and that we need more mini-series.  But that does not apply here.  The shock value, properly executed in this movie, would not work in a mini-series.  You would already be adjusted to it by the time Hit Girl finally gets hurt and that scene would lose it's impact.

One thing I like is that the movie touches upon something everyone who reads comics knows, but hates to admit: It always gets absurd.  It has to.  Once a costume is added, absurdity is guaranteed.  No matter how hard the writer tries to keep it gritty and real, a costume launches any story to ridiculousness and it cannot be stopped.

With the strength of the current 3d fad and blu-ray obsession, this movie works as a movie.  Sure 3D would have worked, and it will look great in blu-ray, but it's not needed to enjoy it.  They remembered to tell a story, beginning middle and end!   And that is important, sadly.

I really liked this movie, and am impressed it got made.  But Hollywood will try and fail to copy it and top it.  A gag like this works once in a while, not on overdose.

If you like comic books, violence, swearing, and things done to shock, go see this movie.  Otherwise stay home, you won't get it and will sound really old when you talk about it.  Yeah, Not Safe For Baby Boomers.

What did you think of the movie?

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