Monday, April 19, 2010

Marathon Music Monday

And of course the theme today is  RUNNING!

And even though that sign is 2 blocks from my house, I live and work on the same side of course route, so I have to work.  That combined with other responsibilities means I am being a bit of a humbug.  So I am writing this post instead of cheering on runners, like a good Bostonian, or a good sports fan.  #23043 is a friend of mine and good thoughts go out to him!

I am so glad the weather held out.  Friday night it looked like it was going to be low 40's and rain.   But low 50's and sun is nice for everyone.

We'll start with The Boss.

Then a flash back to the mid-90's with fat lead singer Blues Traveler.

Kate Bush & Dave Gilmour - Running up that Hill  (Heartbreak!)

Van Halen - Running with the Devil

And we'll close out with the most appropriate of them all...

Fugazi - Long Distance Runner

The farther I go the less I know 
One foot goes in front of the other
It all boils around to not hanging around
To keep moving in front of the gravity
The answer is there the answer is there
but there is not a fixed position
It keeps moving along so I keep coming along
and that's why I'm a long distance runner
and if I stop to catch my breath
I might catch a piece of death
I can't keep your pace if I want to finish this race
My fight's not with it
It's with the gravity
Long distance runner

Everyone who runs today is a hero, and all who finish are Super-Heroes.
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