Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays

Of course I start with the Chuck Taylors!

I have not done the full research on this, nor have I done the math,  but I have faith that there is enough out there for me to make this work.

The premise:  Quickly profiling wither a full on geeky wedding or showing some really cool geeky touches to weddings.  Your wedding day is yours a celebration of the couple and what makes them and their union unique.  Before I got married I read or heard somewhere the best advice I have ever heard about marriage, "The secret to a successful marriage is a unique secret between each couple."

I stole all of these from Love Stands Still.

If you are a mismatched pair, there is no way you are a mismatched as a pig and a frog!

Cinderella's carriage!  You have no soul if you aren't in awe of how beautiful that is.

Cookie has one true love.  She's a Peanubutter face.

Steampunk cake, executed to perfection.

Amigurumi love dolls.  A-dor-able.

Super cool crossword invitation.  If you can't solve it, you aren't really invited.

Scrabble cake.  I am assuming that based upon the neutrality of the words on the cake it is not a groom's cake.

Lego = Geek  But this is pure geek love.

Cute wood dolls.  Honestly check out his beard!!

There are only 10 kinds of people, those that love this invite and those who are boring.

Sign on the door to the reception reads: Mustache Rides $.05!  Yeah I went there.

There will be more geeky wedding goodness.
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