Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays: Lego my Inspiration

This wedding spawned this gag.  Please enjoy a few photos of a couple going all out with their love for each other and Legos.  (I almost feel bad for the bridesmaids, but I am sure they knew what they were getting into.)

Cutting the cake that looks like it was made out of legos!

You almost can't tell but the Bridesmaids all have color coordinated lego bracelets.  I wonder if they got to keep them?

I have seen some creative guest books in my time, but this one fits perfectly.  My cousin had a plate and that was fun.  Although she'll never eat off my autograph!

Some would say the rings take things too far.  I say go all out or stay home.

And of course there were real rings!  I was not cliche at my wedding, I did not forget the rings, I forgot the marriage license!

This portrait is a sweet as it is cool.  Adorable couple, adorable medium.

I apologize for losing the source on this one.  I thought it was one of the usual suspects but my google reader search came up empty.  Odd.
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