Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pi Day 2010

This very belated Pi Day post is still occuring due to the mass amounts of interesting stuff I found.  It's delayed due to other projects.  Mainly the 2 pi day posts I did for Gunaxin, College Basketball, and a project I'm working for the NCAA Tournament.

Last Years Pi Day Post:

There are many contenders, but only one can the official t-shirt of Pi Day.

Beer Pie Recipes from Gunaxin:
A bittersweet twist on the typical Meringue pie.  Be sure to follow the directions diligently:
My meringue-making life became much simpler when I realized that the whisk attachment to our wimpy mixer will also fit in the electric drill.
A chef that encourages the use of power tools in the kitchen!

Seven Baseball Pie to the Face Videos from Gunaxin as well:

And now onto this year's goodies!

So I found another awesome dead blog, Brown Sharpie.  This girl's blog was awesome!  And I really need to do a best of the dead blog round up somewhere at some point.

Yarn Pie tastes gross, but looks so darn cute!

Pi Day is one of the best Pun Based Holidays.

Ross from You Can't Do That on Television has a Pie in the Face Montage.

This Pi Day game is so hard it is MEAN!  Very very MEAN!

I know Pi Day having a facebook group is not at all special.  but this is not just a Pi Day group for dorks.  this is the Ultimate Pi Day Party Group.  And the party is not today!

Pi Day has a Song.

Actually, it seems like it has several songs.

Alabama did NOT try to redefine Pi, but Texas may give it a shot next year.

Love is like Pi.

Pi Pie Trivet!

Well, we are out of Pi for this year.  πece out!  
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