Monday, March 29, 2010

Musik Monday: Musik for the Kitchen

Play this first, then you can read.

Oh yes!  Yes! Duke winning YES!  I was going to do a random grouping of accordion covers as a way of getting back into things, but I came across these Geniuses.  Wow, they are just awesome.  It looks like they are German.  And they swear!  English swears said by people with accents is one of the purest joys in life.

Go visit their site.  They do the W / V exchange thing!  that always kills me.  "Where do you keep your Nuclear Wessels?"  I had a Physics Professor in college from Eastern Europe, I learned all about wectors!

Do they call this Lightning War Bop?

Wir Beide translates into "We Both" so this seems like either an original composition or just a song this Amerocentric blogger is not familiar with.

If you have yet to visit their site, you should, they cover NOFX's Kill All the White Man.
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