Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Handful of Random

Godzilla Haiku warms my heart and soul.  No I will not write a haiku for this link.  But I fully expect to see Power Rangers Sonnets as a parody / spin-off of this very soon.

Speaking of Tumblr, type in any Tumblr blogs name in the spot here and see very picture they've posted, in a very cool display.  It's not just a display though, you can view the original page, re-blog, or like the pictures.  Very cool, and obviously written by someone who really enjoys and understands tumblr.

Former New England Patriot Wide Receiver, David Givens, is an artist.  The guy's career ended two years ago, when he was 27!  Blew out his knee.  Not only does he now draw, he donates the money to charity.  He is actually not too bad, and he has stayed local.  Via  Below is a charcoal of his old coach.

This site is very appropriately named.  They give away an iPhone App every day.  Obviously, not all of them are winners, but heck it's free, it will only be a matter of time before you come across one you love.

Conan O'Brien is going to tour.  The guy is smart.  Keep your edge, work on new gags, and most importantly, keep people wanting more!

I was able to avoid the lure of doing a Mock Madness this year because I was finally able to talk my buddy Jay into expanding the reach of his Ronald Reagan Memorial Villains Invitational Tournament.  It's on Facebook, come play along.

Geek Cubed is exactly what it says it is.  Geek to the power of three.

See this is Lego Minifigs * Graffiti * Pulp Fiction.

Tomorrow I give you Wednesday's new gag.
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