Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bill Nye THE Science Guy

I am following him on Twitter, and you should too.  @thescienceguy

Funny story about how I started following him.  But it involves a sidetrack so bear with me.  For some reason I follow many people with Boston roots who now live in LA.  @SportsGuy33, @ElizaDushku, @MrBlackFrancis, and two people who this story is about @DJAngieC and @KayHanley.  Kay is the former lead singer of Letters to Cleo, a mom, a kickass rock chicka and an all around cool person.  Angie C is a former WFNX radio DJ that I used to listen to when I was in High School.  (I am not calling you old Angie!  You are about my older sister's age!)  Angie is also a mom, a kickass rock chicka, and an all around cool person.  These are probably why they are friends. Well Kay dropped a tweet about running into Bill Nye at a Farmer's Market.  And then they each recommended that he be followed.  Except they got his twitter wrong.

I quickly obey and start following Not Bill Nye.  I click on his twitter page and thought the name was weird.  So I ran off to Wikipedia to see if Bill Nye was a stage name.  It wasn't.  So I went to Bill Nye's website.  And got his correct address, listed above.

I sent a tweet off to them to correct them, so that they could actually follow Bill Nye.  It turns out, that Bill Nye gave them the wrong twitter address.  

All of which is irrelevant at this point.  Go follow Bill Nye THE Science Guy!
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