Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays: Lego my Inspiration

This wedding spawned this gag.  Please enjoy a few photos of a couple going all out with their love for each other and Legos.  (I almost feel bad for the bridesmaids, but I am sure they knew what they were getting into.)

Cutting the cake that looks like it was made out of legos!

You almost can't tell but the Bridesmaids all have color coordinated lego bracelets.  I wonder if they got to keep them?

I have seen some creative guest books in my time, but this one fits perfectly.  My cousin had a plate and that was fun.  Although she'll never eat off my autograph!

Some would say the rings take things too far.  I say go all out or stay home.

And of course there were real rings!  I was not cliche at my wedding, I did not forget the rings, I forgot the marriage license!

This portrait is a sweet as it is cool.  Adorable couple, adorable medium.

I apologize for losing the source on this one.  I thought it was one of the usual suspects but my google reader search came up empty.  Odd.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My New Favorite Fish!

Neoclinus blanchardi

This ugly bastard with the awesome name, is an ambush predator.  I heard about him while watching that new Life mini-series on Discovery Channel.  Literally, this fish got it's name because of it's big mouth.

You should have seen two of these guys fighting.  A riot!  While writing this I have convinced myself that there is a fish for everyone.  Yes, you!  There is a fish that represents you!  If you already have one please let me know, I want to hear your fish tale.

I would like to thank any new readers I get because of the awesome that is Superpunch.  

Monday, March 29, 2010

Musik Monday: Musik for the Kitchen

Play this first, then you can read.

Oh yes!  Yes! Duke winning YES!  I was going to do a random grouping of accordion covers as a way of getting back into things, but I came across these Geniuses.  Wow, they are just awesome.  It looks like they are German.  And they swear!  English swears said by people with accents is one of the purest joys in life.

Go visit their site.  They do the W / V exchange thing!  that always kills me.  "Where do you keep your Nuclear Wessels?"  I had a Physics Professor in college from Eastern Europe, I learned all about wectors!

Do they call this Lightning War Bop?

Wir Beide translates into "We Both" so this seems like either an original composition or just a song this Amerocentric blogger is not familiar with.

If you have yet to visit their site, you should, they cover NOFX's Kill All the White Man.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Oil Master's Brain

This thing is adorable AND makes coffee?!?!  Where can I trade in my cats for this robot?  Don't get me wrong, I like my furry little cuddlers, BUT Coffee > Cuddles  I'm sorry but it's true, and you know it.

coda  <---edited and added after, because I forgot.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bill Nye THE Science Guy

I am following him on Twitter, and you should too.  @thescienceguy

Funny story about how I started following him.  But it involves a sidetrack so bear with me.  For some reason I follow many people with Boston roots who now live in LA.  @SportsGuy33, @ElizaDushku, @MrBlackFrancis, and two people who this story is about @DJAngieC and @KayHanley.  Kay is the former lead singer of Letters to Cleo, a mom, a kickass rock chicka and an all around cool person.  Angie C is a former WFNX radio DJ that I used to listen to when I was in High School.  (I am not calling you old Angie!  You are about my older sister's age!)  Angie is also a mom, a kickass rock chicka, and an all around cool person.  These are probably why they are friends. Well Kay dropped a tweet about running into Bill Nye at a Farmer's Market.  And then they each recommended that he be followed.  Except they got his twitter wrong.

I quickly obey and start following Not Bill Nye.  I click on his twitter page and thought the name was weird.  So I ran off to Wikipedia to see if Bill Nye was a stage name.  It wasn't.  So I went to Bill Nye's website.  And got his correct address, listed above.

I sent a tweet off to them to correct them, so that they could actually follow Bill Nye.  It turns out, that Bill Nye gave them the wrong twitter address.  

All of which is irrelevant at this point.  Go follow Bill Nye THE Science Guy!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Music Monday: We are Palmdale

You will listen to Kay Hanley!   Figuratively  and Literally:









Hope you enjoy.  It's fun, but I am biased.  so do not take my opinion as worth anything in this manner.  I have loved her since past Letter's to Cleo's prime when she thanked us for showing to see them at a very cramped, crowded, and hot TT the Bear's in Cambridge for some other bands record release party.  

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pi Day 2010

This very belated Pi Day post is still occuring due to the mass amounts of interesting stuff I found.  It's delayed due to other projects.  Mainly the 2 pi day posts I did for Gunaxin, College Basketball, and a project I'm working for the NCAA Tournament.

Last Years Pi Day Post:

There are many contenders, but only one can the official t-shirt of Pi Day.

Beer Pie Recipes from Gunaxin:
A bittersweet twist on the typical Meringue pie.  Be sure to follow the directions diligently:
My meringue-making life became much simpler when I realized that the whisk attachment to our wimpy mixer will also fit in the electric drill.
A chef that encourages the use of power tools in the kitchen!

Seven Baseball Pie to the Face Videos from Gunaxin as well:

And now onto this year's goodies!

So I found another awesome dead blog, Brown Sharpie.  This girl's blog was awesome!  And I really need to do a best of the dead blog round up somewhere at some point.

Yarn Pie tastes gross, but looks so darn cute!

Pi Day is one of the best Pun Based Holidays.

Ross from You Can't Do That on Television has a Pie in the Face Montage.

This Pi Day game is so hard it is MEAN!  Very very MEAN!

I know Pi Day having a facebook group is not at all special.  but this is not just a Pi Day group for dorks.  this is the Ultimate Pi Day Party Group.  And the party is not today!

Pi Day has a Song.

Actually, it seems like it has several songs.

Alabama did NOT try to redefine Pi, but Texas may give it a shot next year.

Love is like Pi.

Pi Pie Trivet!

Well, we are out of Pi for this year.  πece out!  

Friday, March 12, 2010

Belated Thursdaytron: Fixing the World with Legos

via Universal Hub

Check out the lower left hand corner of that picture.  Someone fixed the crack with Legos.  Actually 3 guys in their 40's did!  I really do not know what magic is in those little bricks, but I am so happy and thankful for it, and all the amazing things I have seen because of it.  There are a ton of images there, it will make you laugh and smile.

TTFN: Preamble Free

100.  30 Breathtaking Pieces of Space Artwork.   No I am not hitting the bottom of the well.  some of these are really cool.

98.  Top 5 Most Sinister Corporate Logos.  Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a good conspiracy, but that whole site takes it way to far.   I will however vouch for the evil that is Bechtel.  I'm from Boston, and they screwed up the Big Dig epically.

I don’t need to go into occult symbolism for this logo. It’s just blatant and in your face. It looks like the logo of a villain in a Saturday morning TV cartoon. Why are the oceans red on the logo? Are they filled with the blood of the innocent or something? I mean what are we supposed to think? And why are the continents grey? Are they completely paved with concrete? I especially like the way “Bechtel” is stamped over the planet as if it was saying “We own this place, get the hell off our propriety”. If you don’t know about this mega construction and engineering company, learn about it because it is literally all over the world.

96.  6 Corporate Contest Fails.  These are just great.  People, on both ends of these equations, are dumb!  And of course the infamous Opie & Anthony church sex stunt is on there!
Nothing is Sacred
In New York two radio hosts thought that nothing would bring them good publicity and feelings like having two of their listeners desecrate a landmark church. As part of a contest where the winners got trips, Opie and Anthony, two “shock jocks” encouraged people to have sex in risky places.
One couple decided that they had to go all out and told the station they would do the nasty in St.Patrick’s Cathedral. Showing a severe lack of understanding about how serious Catholics are about the whole “sacred and holy ground” thing the two air heads not only didn’t try and talk the couple out of it, they also sent along someone to record the deed…live.

87.  Ten Most Disturbing Books of All Time.  I have not read any of these, but is it wrong that I actually want to read about half of them?

5. American Psycho

American Psycho really leaves you wondering a little bit about Bret Easton Ellis’ sanity. Many people are probably familiar with the movie starring Christian Bale, but the movie pales in comparison to the book when it comes to levels of depraved insanity. The book follows investment banker, and serial killer, Patrick Bateman over a few years of his life. As the book moves on his killings becomes more and more sadistic, leading to quite a few scenes that will never, ever completely leave your mind, including a particularly repugnant sequence involving a starved rat, some cheese, and a tube. You are guaranteed to feel a little filthy, at the least, after reading this book.

82.  10 Japanese Ghost Towns.  Anyone who has looked into Japanese culture has found it to be kind of creepy and weird.  Guess what?  Their Ghost towns are even creepier and weirder than ours.

3. Matsuo Ghost Town
Matsuo mine in the north of Japan opened in 1914 and closed in 1969. In its heyday it was the biggest mine for sulfur in the Eastern world. It had a workforce of 4,000 and a wider population of 15,000 people, all of whom were accommodated in a makeshift city in the mountains of Hachimantai Park.

79.  15 Crazy Ways People Have Made Money in the New Economy.  All of these have that 'Why didn't I think of that!' aspect to them.  Bastards.

3. The Million Dollar Homepage – This is probably the most iconic of all the crazy ideas that have ever been born. This guy decided to set up a site and sell one million pixels for $1 a piece. He got a huge amount of publicity and ended up making his million dollars. He has since gone on to other money making projects.

78.  117 Social Networking Icons.  This visual list is worth the time to look at in its entirety.

59. Wood Social Networking Icons By WebTreatsETC

social icons

69.  10 Classic Ad-lib and Off Script Movie Moments.  Writers?  We don't need no stinkin' writers!  (no that line is not in the list.)

Dr. Strangelove, Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb: Dr. Strangelove's sporadic involuntary Nazi salute
(Stanley Kubrick, 1964)
Apparently, so many of Sellers' lines in Dr. Strangelove were improvised that he is often cited as an uncredited co-writer. And it is considered a study of retro-scripting, ie. when ad-libbed lines are later written into the final script. So, it's difficult to know which one to pick, but perhaps the most ingenious and intuitive is when his title character performs sudden involuntary Nazi salutes in the company of the US military (Sellers plays three characters in total).
Dr. Strangelove is a wheelchair-bound German nuclear weapons expert, who has a past association with the Nazis. In one of the best comedic performances of all time, Sellers' Dr. Strangelove sometimes accidentally refers to the US President as 'Mein Fuhrer', and strangles himself with his out-of-control right arm. This is as well as having to use his left arm to push down the Nazi salutes his right arm frequently and uncontrollably lapses into.
This was entirely Sellers' creation. So much so, in fact, that the novel from which the film was adapted (Red Alert by Peter George) didn't even have the character Dr. Strangelove at all. The word genius does get thrown around but, good lord, Peter Sellers really deserves the moniker.

60.  80 Awesome Ideas for All Your Old or Unwanted Books.  Before you laugh, I promise that you have already done one of these!

Reuse the Pages
While hardcore book lovers may have a hard time tearing out the pages of any book, for those less faint of heart, use the pages of your old books in these creative ways.
  1. Recycle. Recycle them any place that takes old phone books for recycling. If they are hardback, tear out the pages for recycling, then reuse the covers for some of the great ideas here.
  2. Kindling. Use them as kindling to get your fireplace or camp fire started.
  3. Mulch. Shred them to make a great mulch for your garden or landscaping.
  4. Origami. If you are learning how to do this ancient Japanese art, practice with pages from your unwanted books.
  5. Packing material. If you need to send something through the mail, use the pages for packing material in your box. If your box is too big for the item you are shipping, you might even be able to wedge it between books to keep it from sliding in the box.
  6. Moving. If you have a move in your future, use the old pages to wrap breakable items for packing and moving.
  7. Cat litter. Use shredded pages for cat litter that is easy on the paws and the wallet.
  8. Wrap gifts. If you have small gifts that need wrapping, use a page or two from an old book.

58.  16 Best Dystopian Books of all Time.   I have only read 5 of these, and really need to hit them all!

15. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Wow, can you get more polar opposite of CS Lewis than Margaret Atwood? Despite her protestations of not writing science fiction, her story of a dystopian future where almost all women are infertile is most assuredly of the genre. Set in a future where disease and radiation have reduced fertility to a minimum, and a fascist military theocracy has taken over America (or at least part of it). Brutal in its critique of evangelist Christianity and their view on women, Handmaid’s Tale is a harrowing read at the best of times. In it, women have essentially been reduced to chattels, and the few fertile ones assigned to high-rankingmilitary men in order to give them children.

51.  10 Annoying Phrases You Need to Stop Using.  The person that wrote this is totes lame.  I'm just saying.

4. Totes.
Sometimes annoying phrases transform into even more annoying phrases, leaving us in complete awe of their annoyingness.
Remember “Totally”?
Yeah.  That’s now “totes”.
God help us all.

47.  25 Works of Graffiti Art Made with Legos.  Legos are awesome, and I love seeing the amazing things people do with them.

42. Top 100 Guinness World Records from 2008.  I guess it take awhile to count all those underwater pogo bounces or to watch the longest continuous performance of the hokey pokey.   Truth my friends is stranger than fiction.  in 2011 I shall go for the record of The Most cliches used in one coherent blog post.

36.  12 Most Awesome Cosplay Costumes.  Cleavage free!  Honest.  Real quality costumes that have zero to do with t-n-a.  there is only one girl on the list.  Shocking, but true!

5. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee – Transformers
Optimus Prime and Bumblebee - Transformers cosplay costume

33.  10 Best and Worst Mothers in Comics.  I guess it is true, all SuperHeros (and Heroines) have mother issues.

4. Invisible Woman: Talk about a cool mom. She's the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four, and her powers act as a built-in security system for her children Franklin and Valeria. Why go to Disneyland when you can time-travel to the first World's Fair? Invisible Woman Sue Storm can not only make that happen, but keep your kids safe as well! Is it any wonder she's on the list for the Best Mothers in Comics?
 4. Rorschach's mother, Sylvie Joanna Kovacs: Let's see — prostitute? Check. Sees her Johns in plain view of her kid? Check. Slaps the kid around when he thinks she's in trouble? Check. Oh, and she shouts that she should have just had an abortion. Cap it all off with a home life that created such a mentally cracked moralist known as Rorschach, and Ms. Kovacs gets on the list easy.

24.  22 Awesome Things that look like Yoda!  Y-o-d-a  yoda....yo yo yo yoda!  Sorry I'll stop singing that Weird Al song.

22. Yoda Pizza
A pizza shaped like Yoda.

15.  Top Ten Stripper Roles That Answered Our Prayers (NOT!).  This is the epic list of prick teases.  the worst thing Hollywood can do.  Promise and not deliver.  Oh the pain each of these movies has caused.

4. Natalie Portman
Queen Amidala as a stripper? Not exactly. Portman’s character is found at a strip club by her ex, but by the time you get that far into the movie you’re either engrossed in the narrative, or you gave up trying to follow it and got hammered waiting for the action (Pro Tip: there isn’t any). Although it is a good movie, if you rented it looking for Natalie Portman’s stripper moments, you’ll end up more disappointed than the first time you saw The Phantom Menace.

11.   Baseball America's Top 100 Prospects for 2010.  If you are a fantasy baseball junkie, or even just a baseball junkie, this list is all you need.

24Casey Kelly, rhp, Red Sox

1. Top Twenty MPAA Ratings Explanations.  Before I read this list, I thought they just had a grab bag of 20 one liners they used.  No, they make them up on the spot as needed, or as not needed.   Beware the non-stop ninja action!

3 Ninjas Knuckle Up (1995)
Rating Reason: Rated PG-13 for non-stop ninja action.
Distributor: Tri-Star Pictures
Alternate Titles: Three Ninjas III
Just to be clear, this is not the Hulk Hogan movie (that was 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain). And no, I haven’t seen it. But non-stop ninja action? Where do I sign up?

Things are progressing nicely.  I may actually get set in regular posting schedule!  Yes it is time to dream about that, again.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays

Of course I start with the Chuck Taylors!

I have not done the full research on this, nor have I done the math,  but I have faith that there is enough out there for me to make this work.

The premise:  Quickly profiling wither a full on geeky wedding or showing some really cool geeky touches to weddings.  Your wedding day is yours a celebration of the couple and what makes them and their union unique.  Before I got married I read or heard somewhere the best advice I have ever heard about marriage, "The secret to a successful marriage is a unique secret between each couple."

I stole all of these from Love Stands Still.

If you are a mismatched pair, there is no way you are a mismatched as a pig and a frog!

Cinderella's carriage!  You have no soul if you aren't in awe of how beautiful that is.

Cookie has one true love.  She's a Peanubutter face.

Steampunk cake, executed to perfection.

Amigurumi love dolls.  A-dor-able.

Super cool crossword invitation.  If you can't solve it, you aren't really invited.

Scrabble cake.  I am assuming that based upon the neutrality of the words on the cake it is not a groom's cake.

Lego = Geek  But this is pure geek love.

Cute wood dolls.  Honestly check out his beard!!

There are only 10 kinds of people, those that love this invite and those who are boring.

Sign on the door to the reception reads: Mustache Rides $.05!  Yeah I went there.

There will be more geeky wedding goodness.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Handful of Random

Godzilla Haiku warms my heart and soul.  No I will not write a haiku for this link.  But I fully expect to see Power Rangers Sonnets as a parody / spin-off of this very soon.

Speaking of Tumblr, type in any Tumblr blogs name in the spot here and see very picture they've posted, in a very cool display.  It's not just a display though, you can view the original page, re-blog, or like the pictures.  Very cool, and obviously written by someone who really enjoys and understands tumblr.

Former New England Patriot Wide Receiver, David Givens, is an artist.  The guy's career ended two years ago, when he was 27!  Blew out his knee.  Not only does he now draw, he donates the money to charity.  He is actually not too bad, and he has stayed local.  Via  Below is a charcoal of his old coach.

This site is very appropriately named.  They give away an iPhone App every day.  Obviously, not all of them are winners, but heck it's free, it will only be a matter of time before you come across one you love.

Conan O'Brien is going to tour.  The guy is smart.  Keep your edge, work on new gags, and most importantly, keep people wanting more!

I was able to avoid the lure of doing a Mock Madness this year because I was finally able to talk my buddy Jay into expanding the reach of his Ronald Reagan Memorial Villains Invitational Tournament.  It's on Facebook, come play along.

Geek Cubed is exactly what it says it is.  Geek to the power of three.

See this is Lego Minifigs * Graffiti * Pulp Fiction.

Tomorrow I give you Wednesday's new gag.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Monday: MC Chris

Mc Chris is a writer, comedian, Hip-Hop Artist and someone that although he is part of he does not want to be pigeon-holed by the Nerdcore Genre.  He self releases all his music, check out his site.  But honestly anyone involved with Adult Swim is a nerd and nothing will ever remove that label.

Nrrrd Grrrl

Older Crowd


Hoodie Ninja

Fett's Vette

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wicked Wednesday: Seven Deadly Sins

No, not Wicked as is devilish, but Wicked as in I'm from Boston.  I'm still doing the math research on my new idea for Wednesday.   The twitter thing was a pain for so little comedic value.  

I have decided to dip my toe in another potential 100 idea.  The Seven Deadly Sins.

Cuteness is not one of them, but it probably should be.

On a more serious note, there is some amazing Chess Photography.


As always, do the math!

When being gluttonous, or slothy be sure to remember your wine charms!

Some researches at Kansas State University have mapped them.

Again, while being slothy or gluttonous, use a coaster!

We'll wrap this up with a series of vintage looking earrings.

As you leave, go play the game!

This is something that will be revisited.....