Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Twitter Twailbag Twendsday: 2-3

  1. Barnabas Abraham


    @eddie_grundy that Pip's gone mental, any chance of her getting caught in a barn fire?

    Again, I am a he, and I am not mental. What are British?!?

  2. kay mcnalls


    I wish I had flexor digitorum superficialis tendons for the PIP joints on my 5th digits :'(

    No habla Anglais.

  3. María Luisa


    Recupere mi monitor!!! <3!!!! no mas PIP .__.

    I am not that easy to dispose of.

  4. Chelsea on FanFeedr


    Only 'world class' Rooney can make United pip us to the title, says Carlo #chelsea

    So my name is a verb. What does it mean? To Pip is to what? To destory? To mock? To Pillage and Rape? Never mind, Rooney sucks!

  5. Alan Taylor-Shearer


    @PipWilson ha! Arch duke pip indeed yes that is better than pip pimp I ain't no hoe mofo

    You are a ho, I am a pimp and I like the sound of Arch Duke Pip

  6. sophie


    @pippalovespink hahaha pip i'm only kidding. even so it's true, just wait until friday. )'.'( = my face. i don't even fit my dress!!

    I do approve of ill fitting dresses, on the right girl.

  7. Steffan Longdon


    @TVKev HA HA! Pip Schofield just said on THIS MORNING that he's got a feminine side!!

    So what?!?! I am not afraid of my emotions. For example, the Bruins made me cry tonight.

  8. Kerrin Mansfield


    @pipnstuff What are you up to, Pip? How are you?

  9. Emily Cagle


    @PipWilson Mr Pip! If going to Aus for 6 weeks for work and planning to use mobile LOTS (incoming & outgoing), what's cheapest way to do it?


  10. HeavenlyCreaturesArt


    Please people, I am really flattered, but stop naming your pets after me!

  11. Heidi Barnett


    @PIPALIVE Wow Pip..that sounds so lush! Have a lovely refreshing day x

    Lovely? Lush? Refreshing? Girl, you have no clue, do you?

  12. faygate


    @pip aye tumblr is cool! I've been using it for a while. I like the fact that you can easily point your own domain name at it.

    Stop tempting me! I am fighting any and all additional screen names and passwords this year!

  13. Fern Treacy


    @meetmeatmikes Thanks Pip! He was completely well by the morning so at least the day wasn't as bad as I thought it would be

    I am glad I could help. That will be $1,000.

  14. sophieargyroudis


    what about second breakfast? -pip

    Second breafasat? I'd like a powdered donut. Thank you for asking. I am hungry so Chop Chop!

  15. Christina Rankin


    @mobprincess2714 i better not get an yim or text about pip and patty as a couple anywhere! lol

    I am married, her name isn't Patty. Patty is my cousin and that officially makes you gross.

  16. Sheena Suparman


    PIP is a boy!

    And finally one of you Twa-holes listens to me!

  17. Martin Rivas


    it's gotta be a pip to drive a monster truck.

    Again, my name as a verb. Driving a monster truck must be fun. I'd roll the fucker in about 3 seconds, I know that!

And this gag comes to a close this week.  As always I am watching for all Pip refences, so if you want to be mocked by the mediocre, tweet away!
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