Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Twitter Twailbag Twednesday 2--17

Every week I answer your tweets!  #Pip   And I finally have the formatting issue straightened out.  Not as crisp as I'd like, but at least it's finally working.
I actually like AT&T so I don't own a ghetto iPhone, I own an actual iPhone.

Be thankful there is only one of me.  Four would be a nightmare.

With your Mom.  Now go back to sleep kid.

It is my party!  And I'll cry if I want to!  You'd cry to, if it happened to you!

Other Pip?  There is no other Pip.   And I am no one's fall back.  Really, Matt, I thoguht you'd have known that by now.

 @matt11p hahaa, pip. lmao. nick's hotter than you. (oh yes, i said it) xx 
Fuck you Hannah.  I am way hotter than that loser.

So we add Chickmunks to the list of animals people have named after me.  And that isn't even a real animal!! Chipmunk.  CHIP.

Dammit, my Mom is on Twitter!  You promised you would not tell anyone!

That's right bitches, I'm an Achiever!  Big step up from my 30+ years of sandbagging.  I may just get this whole Adult thing down pat by the time I'm 40.

Oh, Lighten up it's just fashion!  But I have to admit, those boots are hot!
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