Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Twitter Twailbag Twednesday 2-10-10

Every Wednesday I answer your tweets!  #Pip

  1. CC Bert & Ringo-GirlBirdieBrainiac 
    RT @SeeSpotTweet - What a great picture of Pip! (via @jsvajda)A bird. So we've seen people name Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, and now Birds named after me. It is not flattering people, not at all.
  2. Dan_KrovichDan_Krovich 
    At the King Center for a screening of Pip & Zastro.Zastro, you a-hole! I never signed the release! You'll be hearing from my lawyer!
  3. Loura LouraAllOver 
    @pipTFC oh... Pip... Shut up! :'D joe jonas was attractive. WAS.Was?!? He WAS attractive!? Joe will ALWAYS be the hot one! I demand you immediately turn in your Joe Jonas fanclub membership card this instant!
  4. nothingarsenalmagic 
    "Well, then, understand once for all that I never shall or can be comfortable..." -PipDon't quote me boy, I ain't said shit!
  5. Sam Machinsammachin 
    @pip have you tried turning on compass mode too, now that is aweseome!Now face North!
  6. DanielleDaniTauscher 
    @LovesSam Is it possible to me more awesome, mon pip?No, I cannot be anymore awesome. Thank you for noticing. Please RT!
  7. Lynn BieberAwesomeLynn 
    @yihuiz pip, hahaha.
    I keep telling you people how funny I am. It is nice of someone to notice!
  8. Lucystealthpooch 
    apparently my dog doesn't like death metal. She was happily asleep in the cnr of the room until I put it on. Poor Pip...Your dog has good taste in music. Stop naming pets after me!!
  9. sophierestweretaken 
    @pippalovespink pip you really don't understand, this is what I mean. it's not easy to get that drunk. most people rarely get that drunkI was only buzzed.
  10. Esterakiryal 
    @_vachina oh. Pip told me I can use my mobile too, so... like this? Does it work?
    We really need to go back to a world where people did not listen to me.

  11. Afif H. Perwirahyatirapip 
    thx do' . KISSKISS* RT: @doourman @hyatirapip pip happy birthday yaaah! Best wishes :)
    It's not my birthday, it's not today.

  12. Amy BlaineAmysapple1 
    i think pip just told me that i was a little wide and i am taking up his section of the sofa.Share bitch!  (fatty)
  13. Hui888cpHui888cp 
    PIP, WHY DONT YOU DROP YOUR ACT AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE.Dude I just moved in September, I'd want to move again so soon.
  14. legend764legend764 
    @cpHui888cp pip is lying. He always does thatI do not always lie. Sometimes I like to tell the truth, usually when it is a not believable truth.
  15. colindeancolindean 
  - Facebook now allows OpenID login? And Google, Yahoo, PIP, and more
    Oh, I am sorry, but your info is wrong, I am not on OpenID.

  1. bobyzebobyze 
     +17pip10pips9Great! Now I have to change all my passwords!
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