Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursdaytron: Not as weaksauce as you think

I am struck with Olympic fever.  Which, if you know me, is a now brainer.  I don't just like sports, I love sports. I always have I always will.  The strategies and tactics, and people rising above their limits.  The joke when I was a kid was that: If they sweat and kept score I'd watch.

A thought has struck me while watching Curling.  Yes, Curling.

Do you fail because you were afraid to succeed or do you succeed because you were afraid to fail?

And while I know it is possible to be driven in the direction of your fears as it easy as it is to be repelled by them, the repelling to me is fascinating.  My life, especially when I struggling with life in my teens and twenties, was defined by failing due to my fear of success.  I held myself back so much.  And in the Olympics, control is important, but it is those with the daring to leave it all out there that is most often rewarded.

Now, like everything, you can go over board, Bode Miller.  But without any other knowledge of an event or a person, it is safe and solid advice to tell the person to go for it!  Hold back nothing, and let go of all the holds you back.

America's Curlers have been failing, spectacularly.  Choking at the end, consistently.  Imagine Brett Favre not ending 3 different NFC Championships games by throwing and interception, but rather three straight regular season games.  That is what the US Men's Curling team has done.

I used to feel the pressure so much and it would crush me.  Worst part was that the pressure was mostly self-inflicted.  And really, the weight of a nation is not on the shoulders of most Olympians.  Especially in America, people are only going to watch curling for 2 weeks every four years.  There is no pressure on them, other than what they put on themselves.

So as my last 2 days have ended in my yelling at the TV over Curling I am reminded of my own epic failures and chokes.  And like those Curlers, I am still here.  Still breathing, still living, and still fighting.

So will my future failures come from my fear of success or will my future successes come due to my fear of continuing to be a failure?

I am also not sure what is up with my feed, but I am looking into it and will get it fixed.
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