Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursdaytron: Captain Comic

I LOVED this game when I was younger.  Holy Shit did I love this game.  My best friend, Craig, was way better at it than I was.  He was better at nearly every video game than me.  Although neither of us ever finished it.

As you can tell from the walk through, it is a side scrolling video game for the PC.  Neither then nor now did I realize how rare side scrollers were for the PC.  I am so glad I randomly Googled Captain Comic.  Because there was a sequel!!

Go download both games.

This game is 100% shareware and 100% EGA!  Yes, those are actually enhanced graphics you are watching there.  Enhanced, a step up from CGA, but a step behind VGA.

You had Mario, I had Captain Comic.  It took my guy 10 minutes to go to space, it took Mario nearly 20 years.
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